2011-12 SP Authentic Basketball: Upper Deck Tries to Fill the Hoops Card Void

No labor contract? No problem for Upper Deck, which has become the basketball card torchbearer this season, even without an NBA license. Pack-busting Juan Martinez evaluates the contents of a newly purchased box.

Upper Deck Asking $50,000 for LeBron’s ‘Return to Cleveland’ Shoes

Cleveland fans might prefer burning them, but UDA is offering the shoes LeBron James wore in his first game there as a member of the Heat.

Upper Deck NSCC Show Plans: Redemptions, Autograph Giveaways, Displays

Upper Deck returns to the National Sports Collectors Convention with wrapper redemptions and some special autographed items randomly given away.

NBA Finals Jersey Score: Dirk $34,404; LeBron $30,300

The second half of the NBA Finals jersey auction ends with MVP Dirk Nowitzki outperforming LeBron James…again.

NBA Finals Jersey Auction: Two Dirks Better Than One LeBron

LeBron James’ game-worn jersey from Game One of the NBA Finals topped all bidding in the first of two auctions, but there’s a catch that might put a smile on the faces of Nowitzki fans.

Jordan Signing Lots of Autos For Upper Deck

If you’ve always wanted to pull a Michael Jordan autograph from a pack, this might be your best chance yet.

Upper Deck Contest Caption Offers Game Worn LeBron Shoes Prize

He may not be everyone’s favorite, but LeBron James is tight with Upper Deck and now the company is giving away some game-used kicks in a very time sensitive contest.

Memory Lane Auction Generates $1.2 Million

Both new and vintage sports memorabilia drew bidders in Memory Lane Inc.’s spring auction.

Spring Fever Classics Auction Offers Big Variety

Memory Lane opens its catalog auction with over 800 lots covering every sport and era.

Saints, LeBron Among Top eBay Sellers in 2010

Some interesting stats from eBay on selling figures from the sports and sports memorabilia realm this year.

LeBron Still Tops in NBA Jersey Auction

Rookie of the Year candidate John Wall may be hot, but a jersey worn in his first NBA game sold for barely half of LeBron James’ first Heat shirt.

LeBron’s Opening Night Jersey Sells for $14K

A jersey worn by LeBron James in his first regular season game with the Miami Heat topped bidding in the NBA’s special auction.

NBA Selling All 30 Teams’ Opening Night Jerseys

The new-look, game-worn NBA jerseys from the 2010 season openers are up for grabs.

LeBron James “Modifying” His Autograph

LeBron James has been practicing his autograph…and there’s a reason behind it.

First LeBron Heat Card Will Be National Giveaway

LeBron James’ first basketball card appearance in a Miami Heat uniform will be in Panini’s National wrapper redemption set.

Garage Sale ‘Find’ Now in Dispute

A $10,000 pendant that a 20-year-old Ohio woman says she found at a yard sale may be stolen goods according to police.

Yard Sale Find Turns into Gem…Literally

Veneisha Robinson plucked a piece of LeBron James jewelry out of a yard sale box. It was worth a lot more than what she paid for it.

LeGone: Ohio Retailers Dumping James Stuff

From hero to zero in record time. LeBron James is now reviled in the city that once thought he would lead them to NBA glory.

Upper Deck Offering National Exclusive Sets

Event-exclusive wrapper redemption card sets will be given out throughout this year’s National Sports Collectors Convention.

James Has Been Big Business in Cleveland

LeBron James has kept Cleveland dealers busy selling cards and autographs.