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2013-14 Exquisite Basketball Marks 10th Anniversary

LeBron James high school patch card 2013-14 Upper Deck Exquisite

Due to release Wednesday, 2013-14 Upper Deck Exquisite Basketball marks an anniversary with some throwbacks to the first issue.

Director: Reasons for NSCC’s Shorter Circuit are Many

I-X Center Cleveland

In Part 2 of our chat with NSCC Director Mike Berkus, topics include dealers, promotion and why bringing the show to other cities has proven difficult.

LeBron’s First Cards as Cav Returnee to Debut in Cleveland

LeBron James Tools of the Trade Promo

LeBron James’ first 2014 basketball cards picturing him in a Cleveland uniform will be part of a special set given out at the National Convention.

Upper Deck Shows Off Card With 16 Michael Jordan Autographs

Michael Jordan 16 autographs Exquisite basketball

Upper Deck shows off its Exquisite book cards; one with 16 Michael Jordan photos and autographs on it and another with 16 of LeBron James.

Upper Deck Exquisite Hoops to Include 5 Autographs Per Pack

2012-13 Exquisite 16 booklet autograph

License or not, 2012-13 Upper Deck Exquisite will do what past versions did–offer up a bunch of autographs per pricey pack.

ePlate Visa, Upper Deck Can Turn Shopping into Exclusive Cards


Now, this could make holiday shopping a little more fun. Using a new, high tech credit card can send digital sports cards to your phone–and if you shop enough, some exclusive cards from Upper Deck you can hold in your hand.

What’s Hot: Fleer Retro – Who Says You Can’t Go Home?

MJ Retro

Mike Fruitman says Upper Deck has found a time machine with 2011-12 Fleer Retro Basketball with prices on the rise thanks to Michael Jordan and co.

James’ Game 3 Finals Jersey Brings $35,020

LeBron James Game 3 2012 Finals jersey

LeBron James’ Game 3 NBA Finals jersey was originally made with an extra numeral, but it didn’t affect bidding.

LeBron’s Game One Finals Jersey Brings $33,333

NBA Finals 2012 jersey LeBron James

LeBron James has gotten the better of Kevin Durant again.

NBA Finals Jersey Score: Dirk $34,404; LeBron $30,300

Game worn jersey Dirk Nowitzki NBA Finals

The second half of the NBA Finals jersey auction ends with MVP Dirk Nowitzki outperforming LeBron James…again.

Yard Sale Find Turns into Gem…Literally

LeBron James pendant

Veneisha Robinson plucked a piece of LeBron James jewelry out of a yard sale box. It was worth a lot more than what she paid for it.

James Has Been Big Business in Cleveland

LeBron James autogfraphed card

LeBron James has kept Cleveland dealers busy selling cards and autographs.