Editor’s Blog: Let’s Play Find the Forgers

The ongoing supply of fake autograph pieces isn’t going away. Is there no way to find the source of the slimy signatures produced by forgers?

Owed Money, Attorneys Withdraw

A law firm representing dealer/collector Peter Nash in his dispute with a New Jersey couple over an aborted auction say they’re done with the case because of unpaid bills.

Busted: Cops Say They’ve Got Serial Ruth Signed Ball Counterfeiter

Police in Florida say they finally captured the man believed responsible for fooling nearly three dozen Florida pawn shops and other outlets into buying a phony Babe Ruth signed baseball with equally phony paperwork.

Vintage Authentics Investigation Continuing

The case against a dealer accused of selling fake jerseys is being handled by the Complex Frauds Unit of the United States Attorney’s Office.

Stolen Phillies World Series Ring Found in Swamp

The search for memorabilia stolen from Phillies’ pitcher Kyle Kendrick takes a bizarre twist.

USPS Shipping Costs Will Rise in April

You’ll pay a little more to ship that bubble mailer full of cards beginning this spring.

Agents Seize Bogus Jerseys

ICE confiscated 163 fake jerseys, including a couple with questionable autographs, from two Phoenix-area sports memorabilia stores.

Homeowner Loses Autographs in Theft

A Florida man lost a collection of signed sports memorabilia when a home was broken into early Tuesday.

Stolen Championship Rings Lassoed by TN Cops

A former college and NFL champion’s rings will be returned after Tennessee lawmen made a major bust.

Ponzi Schemer Rothstein’s Collection on Block

Scott Rothstein lived the high life for awhile, but now everything he has that’s worth anything–including some sports collectibles–is being sold by government order.

Upper Deck vs Konami: Damages Coming?

A judge has sided with Konami Digital Entertainment in a case involving some unauthorized printing of Yu Gi Oh! cards by Upper Deck.

NHL Warns of Counterfeits at Winter Classic

The NHL’s annual outdoor showcase has the league on alert for fake memorabilia.

Stolen Baseball Card Collection: Search Still On

A North Carolina man’s collection was more of a family heirloom. That’s why he’s hoping against all odds his stolen vintage sports cards turn up somewhere.