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19th Century Baseball Cards: 10 Great Players to Consider


Collecting 19th century baseball cards isn’t as tough as you might think. Here’s a short list of standouts that should be on your want list.

Pre-War Rarities Top Goodwin Auction

1888-89 Old Judge Mike King Kelly

A rare Old Judge Mike ‘King’ Kelly cabinet card from 1888-89 brought the biggest price in Goodwin and Company’s latest auction but it wasn’t the only rarity.

Rich Klein’s Ramblings: Musings During the ‘Great’ Dallas Ice Storm

Richs Ramblings

Rich Klein’s latest Ramblings includes some reader feedback, shop owner feedback to blaster boxes sometimes being a better deal…and more.

Collecting Baseball Autographs May Have Started Earlier Than We Thought

Autograph story 1888

Autograph dealers in 1888? King Kelly asked to sign baseballs? Some old newspaper clippings seem to indicate that baseball autograph collecting was in vogue before the 20th century.

King Kelly Cabinet Card Found by Picker Sold for $71,200

N173 Old Judge King Kelly

The N173 Old Judge Cabinet of King Kelly found by a northeast antique picker has provided a healthy return after being sold by a small Maine auction house.

Old Judge Cigarettes Cabinet Card Find

Old Judge cabinet King Kelly

A group of seven ultra rare 1888-89 Old Judge cabinet cards was recently uncovered in an old trunk. Now, the oversized cards including some Hall of Famers, is heading for auction.