Youngster’s Card Sale for Friend with Cancer Still Going

The nine-year-old Massachusetts boy selling some of his baseball cards to help a friend last month, is getting support and encouragement from all over.

Youngster Sells Cards for Friend Battling Cancer

A Massachusetts card show had a special guest; a nine-year-old dealer working strictly for charity.

Seattle’s Baseball Card Santa Claus

Toss ’em in the dumpster? Nope. Miles Gwilym would rather put a smile on a kid’s face.

Notes: Kid Mark Cuban Sold Cards, Big Bucks for Kobe Letters

Mark Cuban talks about selling baseball cards; the Kobe Bryant retirement letters given out at a Lakers game are selling for big bucks and Topps Archives will salute Bull Durham.

Your Unwanted Sports Cards Can Help Inner City Kids

A music teacher at a Florida school uses sports cards as an incentive for students to work hard and display good citizenship.

Topps Opening Day 2014 Box Break

It’s back for another year. Topps Opening Day 2014 arrives and Rich Klein is digging into a product that’s not flashy–just fun.

Commons for Kids: Kentucky Collector Doing His Own “Million Card Giveaway”

Jerry Milburn’s quest is to put sports cards into the hands of needy youngsters through his Commons for Kids program.

Williams Fan, Collector Helps Kids

A Maine man uses his collection of baseball memorabilia to contribute much needed funds for a program hit hard by state budget cuts.

Ortiz Signed Brian Fox Painting to Benefit Kids

Brian Fox, known to collectors for his artwork that adorns Topps baseball cards and World Series programs, has created a new work that will benefit the David Ortiz Children’s Fund.

TX School Kids Writing Project? Autographs

TTM autographs as part of a class project? It’s how they roll in Odessa, TX.

If Football Is Top Spectator Sport; Why Are Baseball Cards Still King?

The NFL may capture our interest more, but baseball is still king of the collecting market.

Old Timers Respond to Kids’ TTM Autograph Project

Not all ten year-old kids spend their time playing video games.

Kids rediscovering cards?

No, all of the card stores have not closed. In fact, here’s an optimistic take on the card industry from Waterbury, CT.