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Hoard of Old Judge Cabinet Cards at NYC Public Library

Old Judge Cabinet Mahoney

Some 19th century cards revealed at the New York City Public Library Monday include some that haven’t been cataloged before.

VIDEO: Olbermann Not as Fast as Whitey but Signs for Topps

Keith Olbermann Topps Heritage

Fan, long-time collector and commentator Keith Olbermann autographs cards for the 2014 Topps Heritage issue.

Olbermann Throws Out the First Box of 2013 Topps Baseball

Topps conference room

Check out a sneak peek of 2013 Topps baseball courtesy of Keith Olbermann, and get a look at more chase card preview images from the company.

Keith Remembers Thrift Stores, Hostess Panels, Honus and Stan

Keith Olbermann and Brian Kenny

MLB Network’s Brian Kenny and Keith Olbermann play show and tell with a couple of classic old cards–and we get proof that we weren’t the only ones going to extremes for Hostess panels in the 1970s.

2012 Topps Baseball: Christmas or Craziness?

Topps Baseball 2012 box

For collectors, ‘Opening Day’ means ripping the first packs of the year’s first cards, when celebrity collectors blog, dealers bust mountains of cases and buyers and sellers test eBay’s servers.

Strasburg Strikeout Ball: $20,010

Strasburg strikeout ball

The contents of what might have once been a rookie pitcher’s equipment bag sold for over $30,000 Tuesday night.