Just Collect

National ’15 News and Notes: Friday Edition

Kids and adults getting into the action at the National, the ‘hole in the wall find’ has a home and Brooks Robinson’s collection is consigned.

Notes: Mantle’s Message, Big Vintage Buy, Famous Belt for Auction

Mantle’s playful jab at his fellow 500 home run club members in 1989 is coming to auction. A belt from a legendary 19th century bout is too… and a big vintage collection purchase.

’60 Topps Set Bought, Sold for $40,000 in Short Order

A 1960 Topps set, rated all PSA 8 or better, generated action for Just Collect, which has set its sights on quick turnarounds for graded sets.

Collection of Vintage Autographed Cards at Auction

Dating back decades and including signatures of Hall of Famers in multiple sports, a hoard of 480 autographed sports cards is being sold individually.

Vintage Buy of the Week: Ultra-Rare 1915 E106 Nap Lajoie

Acquired at the recent Boston show and part of a rare set issued by American Caramel Company, fewer than 25 graded E106 Lajoie cards exist.

Vintage Buy of the Week: Hockey Card Bonanza

A Pennsylvania collector’s vintage post-War hockey card liquidation will put some top cards into circulation.

Vintage Buy of the Week: All ‘7’ 1957 Topps Near Set

Near mint with every card uniformly graded at a level that affords a puncher’s chance of completion, our Vintage Buy of the Week is a near set of 1957 Topps.

Vintage Buy of the Week: Cards Avoid Dumpster, Head for Auction

Our Vintage Buy of the Week takes us to Canada where a childhood collection of Post Cereal cards almost wound up in a landfill.

Cobb, Young, Wagner, Mantle Highlight New Just Collect Auction

Hall of Famers from every era including some high grade examples from one man’s lifelong tobacco card collection are up for grabs.

Chris Levy: National is About Meeting Old, New Friends

Long-time collector Chris Levy shares his National experiences, including a brush with Bill Simmons, meeting the Indians’ ‘drum guy’ and grabbing more knowledge.

Vintage Pack Rip at the National: 1958 Topps Football

If you liked 1968 Topps baseball, you’ll love the 1958 Topps football cello pack break at the NSCC. Watch the boys from Just Collect–and a gathering of fans–dig in.

Vintage Pack Break at the NSCC: 1968 Topps Cello

Join Just Collect for the NSCC Vintage Pack Rip of the Day as a 1968 Topps Baseball cello pack draws a crowd at the National.

Vintage Buy of the Week: The National

There is plenty of activity on the floor of the National before the public gets inside.

Vintage Buy of the Week: E92 Honus Wagner Pair

For the first time in four years, a 1909 Dockman & Sons Honus Wagner batting pose card is coming to auction–and it’s bringing its brother.

Vintage Buy of the Week: Thousands of Vintage Cards to Enter Market

Hundreds of T206 cards, dozens of iconic Hall of Famers and several complete sets have been purchased and will soon be up for bid after a major collection is sold.

Vintage Buy of the Week: Near Complete 1895 Mayo’s Cut Plug

A collection of rare 19th century N300 cards is being broken up starting this weekend.

Vintage Buy of the Week: ‘White and Gold Collection’

Our Vintage Buy of the Week from Just Collect involves a once ‘risky’ $65 investment in Ty Cobb.

Vintage Pack Break of the Week: 1975-76 Topps Basketball Wax

A 1975-76 Topps basketball wax pack reveals the final year of the ABA, Pistol Pete in a goatee and more, but what would the JC crew find inside?

Vintage Pack Break of the Week: 1951 Topps Red Backs

Time to open a 63-year-old pack of baseball cards. This one won’t take long.

Just Collect Launches 10,000+ Card End of Year Auction Party

A mammoth group of vintage sports cards is being sold off this weekend on eBay as Just Co;llect wraps up 2013 with its biggest auction of the year.