Joe Namath

Super Bowl MVPs and their Rookie Cards

From Bart to Brady and beyond, we’ve got the complete list of Super Bowl MVPs and their first appearance on football cards.

eBay Card of the Day: Namath’s Rookie Shot in the Hospital

Unlike football cards to come, the 1965 Topps Joe Namath rookie was issued during his first pro season…and the photo was shot in a place you wouldn’t expect.

Collecting Super Bowl III: History-Making Game Still Within Reach

From programs to ticket stubs to Jets football cards, Super Bowl III memorabilia remains popular with those who recall the AFL’s coming out party.

Rarest Autographs on AFL Trading Cards

Some players pictured on American Football League trading cards in the 1960’s died young and that poses challenges for those collecting signed sets.

Vintage Rookie Cards Still the Gold Standard

In the 1970s, you rarely heard the team. Now, vintage rookie cards drive the market. What’s the psychology behind the collection?

2011 Topps Precision Football Box Break

The manufacturer makes sure no one goes away without an autograph in 2011 Topps Precision football.

Early Baseball Card Collages Open Huggins & Scott Auction

Maybe they’d be worth more if they’d just been left alone, but you can’t deny the coolness factor in a couple of the premier items in a new catalog auction.

2011-12 Topps 5-Star Football Sneak Peek

A look at a few of the cards in Topps’ upcoming 2012 Five Star Football product, a high end issue set to release in late February.

Vintage Sports Images Boosts Online Presence

Vintage Sports Images has launched a new website and bulked up its eBay presence with a line of negatives and slides from games past.

What’s in Joe Namath’s Closet?

Joe Namath’s Topps tour takes him to a question and answer session with where the topics include his rookie card, his 1973 Topps card, his fur coats and today’s NFL.

2011 Topps Precision Football Preview

Topps unveils another high end hobby-exclusive football card product.

2011 Topps Football Offers Familiar Concepts

Football is back and so, for the 56th year, are Topps football cards. Rich Klein tackles a fresh box.

Joe Namath Tells Story Behind Rookie Card Hospital Photo to Letterman

Broadway Joe returns to Broadway, stopping in to chat with David Letterman on the Late Show about Super Bowl III, the circumstances behind his rookie card and he brings along Dave’s Topps football rookie.

Topps Five Star Football Out Today

Topps says it’s pulled out all of the stops for its newest super premium line. Will it be worth the investment?

Topps in their Class: NFL’s Most Valuable #1 Draft Pick Cards

If you’re betting your football card investment dollars on the number one overall pick in Thursday night’s NFL draft, history says you’re losing money.

Top Level Vintage Sets Up for Bid

In addition to a dizzying array of high grade vintage sports cards and memorabilia in its upcoming Spring 2010 Catalog Sale, Memory Lane Inc. is offering an incredible group of complete vintage sports card sets, may of which are among the finest in the hobby. ”It’s the best group we’ve ever offered,” said Memory Lane’s […]

Rare Football Cards Top MLI’s Big Game Auction

Dozens of the most important football cards ever issued were sold over the weekend in Memory Lane’s first-ever all-football event.

Cost of Collecting Super Bowl MVP Rookie Cards

Looking for a timely project? Try collecting a complete run of Super Bowl MVP rookie cards.

Remember the AFL Honors League (and its Football Cards)

In 1959, eight wealthy businessmen, unable to break into the closed ranks of the National Football League, agreed to start their own—calling it the American Football League. None could have foreseen the wild ride that followed. From 1960 through 1969, when the league merged with the NFL, the AFL captured the imagination of the country, […]