Joe Jackson

Ball from ‘Greatest NFL Game Ever Played’ at Auction

A rare surviving relic from the 1958 NFL Championship game is among hundreds of items in Huggins & Scott’s latest sports card and memorabilia auction.

1911 Joe Jackson Photo at Auction

Filed in the archives of the Cleveland News more than a century ago, the rectangular, painted image of Joe Jackson is one of over 400 photo at RMY Auctions this month.

Behold! 5 Hobby Holy Grail Alternatives for Budget-Minded Collectors

Not expecting a T206 Wagner in your stocking? Check out some reasonable alternatives to some of the hobby’s most valuable and/or sought after baseball cards.

Photo of the Day: “The Fix Was In”

Eddie Cicotte was known for his control so Morris Rath had to wonder what was up when he was hit by the White Sox star pitcher while leading off the 1919 World Series.

New Discovery: 1912 Joe Jackson Photo

A never-before-seen photo of Joe Jackson had sat in a Cleveland newspaper archive for decades. Now it’s starring in a new auction.

Old Mill Jackson, E93s Top Mile High Auction

A lower grade example of Shoeless Joe’s first card brought more than $71,000 but the lone mint PSA graded Standard Caramel Ty Cobb went even higher.

New Discovery: 1914 Joe Jackson Photo at Auction

Hidden in a photo archive for decades, our Photo of the Day features Shoeless Joe Jackson in his final year with Cleveland.

Joe Jackson Bat Sells for $605,077

One of only two surviving bats dating from Joe Jackson’s pre-banishment playing days headlined the February Premier for Hunt Auctions.

Shoeless Joe Jackson’s Scrapbooks Hit Auction Block

Three large scrapbooks compiled by Joe Jackson, one containing an eye-opening note pre-dating the Black Sox scandal, join a rare Honus Wagner card at Lelands.

Rare Image of Joe Jackson in Action Kicks off Auction

An intense “Shoeless” Joe Jackson heads for home in a new to the hobby photograph now up for auction.

Spurned by Card Shop, Find of 1916 M101-4 Cards Heads to Auction

A rare complete set of 1916 Sporting News baseball cards has been discovered and is expected to bring big bucks when Goldin Auctions offers it next month.

Newly Discovered Joe Jackson ‘Outlaw’ Ball Photo

A fresh-to-the-hobby photo of Joe Jackson playing baseball under an assumed name in 1922 is being offered at auction.

eBay Card of the Day: Jackson Bat Card Caused Some Controversy

Thirteen years ago, Upper Deck put Joe Jackson bat slivers on an insert set in 2001 SP Legendary Cuts and MLB wasn’t happy.

New to Market 1912 Joe Jackson Photo at Auction

A 1912 Joe Jackson image taken in Cleveland and attributed to Louis Van Oeyen for use in a local newspaper is our Photo of the Day.

Editor’s Blog: 10 Interesting Items and Observations from a Day on eBay

Digging into the eBay sports card listings reveals some truth, some mystery, some head scratchers, a cautionary tale and a pack that always mesmerizes.

Mint T206 Walter Johnson Among Big Sellers in Memory Lane Event

Hundreds of rare and high grade vintage sports card and pieces of memorabilia were offered in Memory Lane Inc.’s latest I Own it Now catalog with the holy grail of Walter Johnson cards heading up the sales.

Uncovered: Ultra Scarce 1917-19 M101-6 Joe Jackson Heads to Auction

Remember our story last month about the M101-6 Felix Mendelsohn set and the elusive Joe Jackson card? The only known example is about to come up for bid.

100 Years Later, Fatima Team Cards Offer Coolness, Affordability

Looking for antique vintage cards with some serious star power and a fighting chance to complete a set? Say hello and Happy Birthday to 1913 Fatima Team cards.

Acquired in Local Auction for $15, 1915 Cracker Jack Set Will Bring Thousands

A couple who lucked into a nearly complete set of 1979 Cracker Jack baseball cards at a farm auction in 1979 are about to cash in.

Upper Deck Turns Joe Jackson Bat Into Cards

For the first time since a popular product from 2001, Upper Deck will include Shoeless Joe Jackson bat cards in its packs.