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Joe DiMaggio

1952 Berk Ross Baseball Set Offered Joe D, Mantle, Mays, Jackie

The 1952 Berk Ross set marked the end of the company’s brief tenure producing baseball cards.

DiMaggio, Munson Uniforms on the Block

Both originating from player estates, two final season uniforms from Yankee legends Joe DiMaggio and Thurman Munson are among the top items at SCP Auctions.

PSA 10 Mikan Rookie, DiMaggio Uniform, Gehrig Bat Top SCP Auctions Catalog

SCP Auctions launches its final major catalog sale of 2015 with a six-figure basketball card, a Lou Gehrig bat and game-worn gear from DiMaggio and Banks.

Photo of the Day: DiMaggio in a Cloud of Dust

A classic 1946 wire service photo shows Joe DiMaggio sliding into third as George Kell makes the put out. The image from a difficult season is at auction.

Ruth, DiMaggio, Gehrig Part of Johnny Murphy Collection

Items signed by Yankee greats of the 1930s are part of an historic memorabilia collection from the estate of former player and executive Johnny Murphy.

Rare Smile, Shades on 1937 Pre-Series Photo of Young Joe D

He’s got the world by the tail and Joe DiMaggio seems to know it. A rare image of the Jolter on the day he capped off his breakout season is our Photo of the Day.

1942 Joe DiMaggio Jersey Coming to Auction

Goldin Auctions says it will offer a jersey worn in Joe DiMaggio’s final season before his military enlistment during World War II.

News and Notes: Joe DiMaggio Letter to Marilyn Monroe Fetches $78,125

Joe D pleads with Marilyn after she announces divorce, paper tickets on the way out, list of upcoming Topps releases and NFL programs from Dec. 7, 1941.

Photo of the Day: Fans Cheer DiMaggio During Streak

How many of these did Joe DiMaggio receive from the Yankee Stadium crowd during the magical year of 1941?

Investment Targets in Baseball’s ‘Golden Age’

A look at some of the iconic players of the immediate post-War era and the best cards of their careers.

Photo of the Day: Yanks and Beers: Bronx Bombers Celebrate ’37 Title

The 1937 World Series belongs to the Yankees and the beer is flowing in the clubhouse.

Vintage Photo of the Day: Farewell Joe, Hello Mickey

One was in his final season, the other in his first. Learn more about the moment the aging veteran met the teenage phenom in this 1951 wire photo.

Thought Lost, Pristine 1941 Play Ball Collection Emerges from Attic

A man who collected 1941 Play Ball cards as a kid stuck them away in his attic, then thought they’d been stolen. He died not knowing what really happened.

Best Rookie Cards of 1970s College Hoop Heroes

An ode to the rookie cards of college basketball legends from the pre-dunk, pre-three point era.

eBay Card of the Day: Bowery Bank Joe DiMaggio

A New York financial institution’s partnership with Joe DiMaggio resulted in a few Joe D baseball cards being issued.

Rich’s Ramblings: Always Room for Baseball History in New Sets

Remembering what may be the first autographed set has Rich Klein recalling some more modern team issues and looking for your input.

DiMaggio’s Cards Popular…But What to Collect?

The New York Yankees bought Joe DiMaggio from the San Francisco Seals for $25,000 and some players on November 21, 1934. His early baseball cards are part of an eclectic mix.

Why Aren’t You Collecting 1939 Goudey Premiums?

There are far fewer available than their more popular and smaller size cardboard counterparts and considering the player selection, the 1939 Goudey Premiums are worth a look.

Callahan Baseball Cards Gaining in Popularity

Created by an artist’s carefully placed pencil dots, the 1950s Callahan baseball cards are rare, star packed and possibly under priced.

1941 Play Ball Set Actually Spanned Two Years

When it comes to star power, reasonable expectations of completion and affordability, it’s hard to top the 1941 Play Ball set. Or should we say the “1941-42 Play Ball Set”?