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Best Rookie Cards of 1970s College Hoop Heroes

1972-73 Austin Carr

An ode to the rookie cards of college basketball legends from the pre-dunk, pre-three point era.

eBay Card of the Day: Bowery Bank Joe DiMaggio

Joe DiMaggio Bowery Bank card

A New York financial institution’s partnership with Joe DiMaggio resulted in a few Joe D baseball cards being issued.

Rich’s Ramblings: Always Room for Baseball History in New Sets

1935 Pebble Beach Clothiers Joe DiMaggio

Remembering what may be the first autographed set has Rich Klein recalling some more modern team issues and looking for your input.

DiMaggio’s Cards Popular…But What to Collect?

Joe DeMaggio Zeenuts

The New York Yankees bought Joe DiMaggio from the San Francisco Seals for $25,000 and some players on November 21, 1934. His early baseball cards are part of an eclectic mix.

Callahan Baseball Cards Gaining in Popularity

Joe DiMaggio 1950 Callahan

Created by an artist’s carefully placed pencil dots, the 1950s Callahan baseball cards are rare, star packed and possibly under priced.

1941 Play Ball Set Actually Spanned Two Years

Joe DiMaggio baseball card 1941 Play Ball

When it comes to star power, reasonable expectations of completion and affordability, it’s hard to top the 1941 Play Ball set. Or should we say the “1941-42 Play Ball Set”?

Joe DiMaggio World Series Ring, Babe Ruth Bat Headline Louisville Slugger Auction

1951 Joe DiMaggio Yankees World Series ring

Hunt Auctions is preparing for the 9th annual Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum Auction with hundreds of vintage baseball cards and memorabilia going up for bid including a 1951 Joe DiMaggio World Series ring and 1920s Babe Ruth bat.

Topps Announces New Online Game for 2013 Baseball

2013 Million Dollar Chase Game Topps

Topps Million Dollar Chase brings a skill element to the company’s annual online game, with collectors unlocking codes in an attempt to build a roster of modern hitters who can chase down Joe D’s streak.

Williams Leads DiMaggio…in Stamp Stats

Baseball stamps

The Postal Service says demand has been strong for its latest stamps honoring baseball greats and they’re even keeping stats.

Rich’s Ramblings: Now Catching… Dr. Jim Beckett

Richs Ramblings

Rich Klein talks 1982 card shows, is made to feel really old after his wife calls the cops on him …and recalls an NSCC softball game in which Beckett’s founder was the all-time catcher.

’39 Series Program Includes DiMaggio Autograph…and the Babe

1939 World Series program Ruth DiMaggio autograph

Cleaning out her grandfather’s estate brought a unique moment in baseball history back to life–and into an auction.

Top Selling Sports Ticket Stubs on eBay

1936 Yankees ticket stub

You could buy a ticket to this year’s Super Bowl. But wouldn’t it be a better long term investment to own one of these…for less money?

Historic Autograph Co. Releases 2012 Legends of the Hall This Week


The latest packaged and encapsulated product from Historic Autograph Company is 2012 Legends of the Hall, featuring signed cards only from HOFers.

Michigan Man Sues USPS Over Missing Cards, Jewelry

legal scales

A Michigan man says a woman tried to steal cash, vintage baseball cards and jewelry 3 1/2 years ago but the USPS hasn’t returned it all.

The Big Show: Charles M. Conlon’s Golden Age Baseball Photographs

Charles Conlon Big Show

A new book brings us more great baseball photographs from Charles M. Conlon. Can you say “Christmas list”?

DiMaggio-Monroe Wedding Ring to be Auctioned

Monroe DiMaggio ring

The Yankee Clipper’s band of commitment to his hot, young bride 57 years ago is about to be sold by an auction house that specializes in Hollywood goods.

Jeter’s 3,000th Hit Ball: What’s it Worth?

game used baseball

He’ll have to wait until July to continue the chase, but if Derek Jeter’s 3000th hit winds up in the stands, the sky’s the limit.

X-Rated DiMaggio Photo?

Joe Di Maggio naked photo

Joltin’ Joe would have had a fit if he’d known this photo existed.

Topps Back in the Baseball Stickers Game

Topps MLB Sticker Collection Albert Pujols

Topps has announced that it will return to producing a baseball stickers set–at least for this year.   In early August, the company will release a product similar to what it offered years ago; a collection of player stickers and team logos plus an album to go with them–all geared toward the younger set and their […]

DiMaggio Streak Celebrated Online

1941 Play Ball Joe DiMaggio

The official Joe DiMaggio website is offering some giveaways as part of the 70th anniversary of his 56-game hitting streak.