Jimmie Foxx

1933 DeLong Cards Were A One-Year Wonder

Limited to just two dozen stars of the day with a unique design, the 1933 DeLong cards stand out–even if they couldn’t land The Babe.

1930 Old Timer’s Day Signed Poster, Gehrig Bat Among New Discoveries in LOTG Auction

Some valuable first-time auction items including a poster with Deadball era stars’ signatures and a new Hanna Lou Gehrig bat are on the block.

7 Great Jimmie Foxx Cards to Own

A prolific slugger in two leagues, ‘The Beast’ is far from pricey, even on some of the best cards from his playing days. Here are seven great cards tied to his long career.

Beast on the Brink: 1931 Portrait of Jimmie Foxx at Auction

Personal best seasons followed three straight Series trips for Jimmie Foxx, the subject of a brilliant portrait by a news photographer in the spring of 1931.

Jimmie Foxx 1934 Japan Uniform, 1933 MVP Plaque to Auction

Two valuable and historic pieces once gifted by Jimmie Foxx to a hometown drug store owner are about to be sold at auction.

1933 George C. Miller Set: Beat But Beautiful

You’ve heard of Goudey cards but they have a contemporary that’s much harder to find but even more attractive. Meet the 1933 George C. Miller baseball set.

1934-36 Batter Up Cards Offer Unique Challenges

Start with die cuts, add in color tint variations and a large quantity of big names and the 1934-36 Batter Up issue from National Chicle is definitely unique. Might they be a little underpriced too?

PSA Grades Autographs for New Packaged Product

A new venture has put certified, cut autographs three to a box with every player a current or former All-Star.

2010 National Chicle Baseball Short Print List Revealed

Topps National Chicle short print list includes a Hall of Fame and rookie card roll call.