Jim Caple

ESPN’s Jim Caple on What 1988 Topps Cards Reveal

It was before Upper Deck. Before satellite TV. And before some of those hot young stars got caught up in something much bigger than bubble gum.

Pujols Historic Home Run Ball Tossed Back on Field

It might be time for fans to start thinking with their head and not their heart. Albert Pujols’ historic third home run ball in last week’s World Series game was worth a lot more to the Ranger fan who caught it than the satisfaction of throwing back an enemy bomb.

What’s in Joe Namath’s Closet?

Joe Namath’s Topps tour takes him to a question and answer session with ESPN.com where the topics include his rookie card, his 1973 Topps card, his fur coats and today’s NFL.

Missing Those Baseball Card Cartoons

Stats AND player-specific cartoons the back of baseball cards? Now those were the days. ESPN’s Jim Caple waxes nostalgic…with a new twist.

Bobblehead Nation is Still United

They’re quirky, goofy and…well…often free. Bobbleheads are no beanie babies. It appears they’re here to stay.