World’s Best Gretzky Collection

Shaun Chaulk has the desire…and the means…and his Wayne Gretzky memorabilia collection is nothing short of phenomenal.

Orr’s 1976 Canada Cup Jersey Goes on Auction Block

The jersey worn by Bobby Orr in his only appearance on Canada’s national team has been consigned to auction by the family of the Czech player he traded it to after the deciding game. Expect a hefty price tag.

2010-11 The Cup: Collectors Willing to Roll Dice

Upper Deck’s super premium hockey cards are generating plenty of sales with six-card boxes pushing past $450 each.

Baseball Hall of Fame’s 2011 Memorabilia Additions

Been adding to your collection? The Baseball Hall of Fame has.

There May Finally Be a Reason to Go to an NFL Pre-Season Game

The league goes the autographed jersey route to say ‘thanks for your patience’ and if you’re in an NFL stadium you’ve got a chance to get one.

Cy Young Jersey Brings $657,250 at Auction

Seven items brought bids of more than $100,000 in a Thursday night auction, topped by jerseys from two of baseball’s most important figures.

Game Worn Dealer Arrested; Facing Mail, Wire Fraud Charges

UPDATES with NSCC statement

The owner of Vintage Authentics was arrested by investigators from the U.S. Postal Service Thursday morning on the floor of the National Sports Collectors Convention as law enforcement agents swooped in to nab the man they are convinced is responsible for perpetually bringing fake superstar “game worn” jerseys to market.

SCP Auctions Will Sell Dr. J’s Collection

Julius Erving has cleaned out his closet and consigned some incredible items to auction.

Editor’s Blog: Sports Collector Classifieds, Chicago Family Feud, Etc.

A new classified ad website debuts, Moe Drabowsky’s memorabilia is consigned to auction and the latest on the family feud over a huge collection of valuable autographed baseballs.

Bryce Harper’s Futures Jersey Cut Up for Cards

Bryce Harper had a forgettable debut in the national spotlight Sunday, but his jersey will still be one of the big prizes in 2011 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects.

Editor’s Blog: BBCE Promo, Stanley Cup Practice Jersey Bargains, Harwell Collection

Rip wax, get bargain on-site grading…and the jerseys from the Boston Bruins’ Stanley Cup-energizing practice go on the auction block.

NBA Finals Jersey Score: Dirk $34,404; LeBron $30,300

The second half of the NBA Finals jersey auction ends with MVP Dirk Nowitzki outperforming LeBron James…again.

Rays’ Throwbacks Thumb Nose at History

Can you eliminate the coolest part of an old jersey and still call it a throwback? Apparently so. Collectors buying them…beware.

Framing Sports Memorabilia a Wise Move

Some tips on protecting your stuff.

NBA Finals Jersey Auction: Two Dirks Better Than One LeBron

LeBron James’ game-worn jersey from Game One of the NBA Finals topped all bidding in the first of two auctions, but there’s a catch that might put a smile on the faces of Nowitzki fans.

Berra’s 1956 Perfect Game Jersey Goes on Display

The man who owns one of the world’s best collections of baseball memorabilia is loaning last year’s purchase of Yogi Berra’s 1956 World Series perfect game jersey to the Berra Museum and Learning Center.

Orr Jersey an Attraction at Summit Show

Seldom does a piece of memorabilia become a card show’s star attraction, but this one comes with quite a story.

1938 Lou Gehrig Jersey Tops REA Auction

A jersey worn by Lou Gehrig…potentially the one he wore when he took himself out of the lineup after 2130 games..was the top seller in Robert Edward Auctions’ 2011 event, but it’s also safe to say the vintage card market is alive and well.

Exquisite Basketball Cards Carved Niche

Upper Deck’s Exquisite line defined the high-end hoops market during the last decade.

Upper Deck Offers Up 2011 MLS Card Set

Upper Deck’s latest effort? Soccer cards with autographs and game jersey swatches.