Jefferson Burdick

Digitization Bringing Jefferson Burdick Collection to All

The process of digitizing the iconic Jefferson Burdick Collection continues in New York with more than 34,000 cards now online and available for viewing.

Burdick Letters at Auction

Correspondence and papers related to the work of hobby pioneer Jefferson Burdick and pals Charles Bray and John D. Wagner are up for bid via Hunt Auctions.

News and Notes: Lawsuit Over Photos; NFL Player’s Stuff Missing; Burdick Letter

A lawsuit over a major collection of negatives, police hunt a thief in South Carolina, a Jeff Burdick letter is up for grabs, recalling Hoyt Wilhelm and more.

Jefferson Burdick’s Football Card Collection Going on Display

Opening January 23, Gridiron Greats: Vintage Football Cards in the Collection of Jefferson R. Burdick will feature some 150 football cards printed between 1894 and 1959.

Museum Working to Put Jefferson Burdick Collection Online

We’ll never know what Jefferson Burdick would have thought of the current state of baseball card collecting.  The man who knew more about cards printed prior to the 1960’s than any man alive has been gone for almost 50 years but he left behind quite a legacy. The man who virtually invented the system still […]

1933 George C. Miller Set: Beat But Beautiful

You’ve heard of Goudey cards but they have a contemporary that’s much harder to find but even more attractive. Meet the 1933 George C. Miller baseball set.

Q&A With Mint Condition Author Dave Jamieson

Author Dave Jamieson answers questions about his new book on the history of baseball cards–and those who had the biggest impact.