Nods to Past Fortify Topps Heritage Popularity

Breaking a hobby box of 2011 Topps Heritage reveals more of what makes the brand such a hit with die-hard collectors, according to Rich Klein.

2011 Topps Lineage Set for Summer Release

Topps will keep the presses rolling later this summer with a new baseball card line that shakes the dust off some vintage designs.

2011 Topps Short Prints and Variations List Unveiled

Topps owns up to the fun it had creating some of those variations and short prints in the 2011 Heritage baseball card product.

2011 Topps Inception Focused on NFL Rookies

Topps will release a rookie-centered Inception product just as training camps are about to begin–we hope.

Authentic Autographed Sports Launch

A new website is offering information and a gateway to safely buying autographed sports memorabilia.

eBay Lets You Stay Signed in Longer

eBay hopes a little less logging in will keep you buying and selling longer.

2011 Allen and Ginter Baseball Information

Topps goes organic with 2011 Allen and Ginter…and offers what it’s calling its best autograph lineup in the product’s six-year history.

Schulte Gets Two Year-Deal for NSCC Publicity

The National Sports Collectors Convention keeps its publicity eggs in the Schulte Sports basket.

2010 National Sports Collectors Convention Gave Baltimore Biggest Impact

Collectors, dealers and others who showed up at the National Sports Collectors Convention made a big impact on the city’s tourism trade.

2011 Topps Pro Debut Sneak Peek

Topps will issue just one series of its Pro Debut minor league set this year.

Super Bowl XLV Programs Printed, Packed, Shipped

The game is still more than a week away, but the program for Super Bowl XLV is out. We’ve got the video of the printing process and a visit to a Milwaukee card show where Packers stuff is even hotter than usual.

2011 Bowman Baseball Preview

Topps banks on Bryce to bring sales of Bowman to a boil. Will it work?

Some of Sampras’ Memorabilia Recovered

A stroll in the park led to the discovery of some of what was stolen from former tennis great Pete Sampras–but the majority remains missing.

2011 Topps Tribute Sneak Peek

Topps Tribute will return in 2011.

Shops Bank on Cards’ Ongoing Allure

A writer rediscovers the simple thrill inside of a pack while checking in on the state of a Chicago sports card shop that recently lost its long-time owner.

2011 Topps Opening Day Plans Unveiled

Yes, you will still be able to buy a pack of baseball cards for a buck next year.

Topps Announces Plans for Team USA Set

Members of the US National baseball teams are the subject of an upcoming set from Topps.

2011 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards Released

It’s the best resource out there…and it doubles as a piece of workout equipment.

Site Devoted to Strasburg Rookie Cards Launches

Make way for

FBI Has Plenty of Tools to Uncover Fraud

A peek inside the FBI’s Questioned Documents unit.