Gill Byrd’s ‘Football Suit’ in Hall’s Collection

You have your game worn jerseys. You have your game worn pants. But if you’re Gil Byrd, circa 1991, they’re one and the same.

Legal Battle Brewing Over Olympic Jerseys?

In 1981, Bill Christian sent his 1960 Olympic hockey jersey–and the one his son Dave wore in the 1980 games–to the Hockey Hall of Fame. He thought it was a loan. The Hall says it was a donation.

Fleer’s Cosmic Pro Visions

Nothing wrong with a little nostalgic fun heading into the weekend. Or is it the closest collectors will get to an acid trip?

Best Sports Photos For Sale and Cool New Concept Put Replay on Map

Replay Photos’ deals with pro and college leagues have put thousands of the best sports photos you’ll find anywhere at your fingertips. They’re also getting in to the business of taking pictures of you at the game–whether you know it or not.

Editor’s Blog: National Thoughts

Observations…and a suggestion or two as the National heads into the weekend.

50 NBA Stars Autograph Volvo Hood to Fight Childhood Cancer

It’s one star-studded hood.

In The Game Decades 1980s Hockey Review

In the Game puts the focus on the 1980s with its hits-only hockey product.

First Willie Mays Poster Was Product of Teen Fan’s Ingenuity

Martin Jacobs went from Candlestick Park vendor to the sole distributor of a red hot Willie Mays poster back in the 1960s. It’s an experience he’ll never forget…and you might be surprised at what it’s bringing these days.

Blog: Expired Redemption Bummer, Rings Found, Draft Contest

Some more crime…and when a prize isn’t really a prize. Read it in the Editor’s Blog.

Upper Deck Evolution in Action: Local TV Sneak Peek

Upper Deck’s upcoming Evolution football cards get some electronic love from a San Diego TV station.

2011 Topps Wrapper Redemption Autos Unveiled

Topps is showing off some signed replicas of its 1952 series, paying homage to some players who showed up on the company’s first major set.

Follow the Bouncing Strasburg Rookie Cards

Rookie phenom’s eTopps cards hit market, Superfractor back on market, auto card hits $40K…maybe.

Good Deed Turned Into Big Headache for Dealer

Fans and collectors were anxious to trade a donation for an autograph, but it hasn’t quite worked out that way.

Fire Dept. Ends Favre Memorabilia Burn

Well, it sounded like a good idea.