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Editor’s Blog: In World of Cards, Performance and Life Events Trump All

2006 Topps Alex Gordon

The Alex Gordon Topps rookie snafu was no conspiracy and the whole story reminds us that popular cards in every sport can live, die and live again.

Ramblings: What Happened to Key Pujols Rookie Card?

Rich Ramblings 2014

Rich Klein recalls the dark debate over one card from the 2001 Bowman Chrome Albert Pujols issue.

New Leaf Issue Isolates on Ichiro

Ichiro Immortals Leaf box

The 2013 Ichiro Immortals Collection includes just 300 boxes, each with an Ichiro autograph and others with dual signed booklets including Ty Cobb.

2012 Topps Heritage High Number Set Limited to 1,000 Sets

Heritage High Numbers 2012 boxed set

Its base product’s update set just hit store shelves but now Topps is releasing Heritage High Number sets, with a $1 per card price tag and only 1,000 made.

Ichiro’s a Yank: Rookie Cards Perk Up

Ichiro autographed rookie card

The trade to New York puts Ichiro back in the spotlight and action on his rookie cards are already moving.

Editor’s Blog: Topps Prime Update, Packers on Wheaties, We’re Getting Faster

Ichiro Topps PRIME 9

Around the horn we go on the NFL’s opening night, with some Topps news, some love for Wheaties, a website note…and a link to one of the best sports columns you’ll read this year.

Topps Baseball 2011 Checklist

Series Two Baseball Topps 2011

The complete Topps Baseball Series One and Two checklists.

Signed Ichiro Game Jersey in Charity Auction

Game worn Ichiro jersey autographed

The Seattle Mariners are selling game-used items from opening night to raise money for disaster relief in Japan.

Editor’s Blog: Ichiro, Matsui Jerseys Raise $ For Japan

Ichiro jersey

An update on the auction for Japan relief via a game worn jersey auction, plus a couple of knuckleheads’ failed strategy for selling an signed Michael Jordan jersey.