honus wagner

1903 Breisch-Williams Honus Wagner Much Rarer Than T206

You can count the number of 1903 Breisch-Williams Honus Wagner cards on one hand and one of them is up for auction.

A Honus for the Rest of Us: Affordable Wagner Cards

Can’t tackle the T206? Cracker Jacks confounding your cash flow? No worries. We’ve got ten cheap Honus Wagner baseball cards for you to chase.

Behold! 5 Hobby Holy Grail Alternatives for Budget-Minded Collectors

Not expecting a T206 Wagner in your stocking? Check out some reasonable alternatives to some of the hobby’s most valuable and/or sought after baseball cards.

Digitization Bringing Jefferson Burdick Collection to All

The process of digitizing the iconic Jefferson Burdick Collection continues in New York with more than 34,000 cards now online and available for viewing.

Legendary T206 Doyle Variation Headlines REA Fall Auction

A T206 card far more scarce than the famous Honus Wagner makes a rare appearance at Robert Edward Auctions as the company prepares to launch its fall event.

1939 Gehrig Interview: Autograph Seekers Part of Series Distraction

A local radio interview, preserved for decades, lets us listen to Lou Gehrig expound on baseball topics including a reference to autographs.

New Baseball History and Collecting Magazine Debuts with Cobb Insert

Baseball History and Art includes stories on past legends, current collectors and other subjects. The first issue includes a Ty Cobb vintage-style card.

T206 Wagner Brings $1.32 Million

A VG copy of the ‘holy grail’ topped bidding in the $7.5 million Robert Edward Auctions sale, which came to a close early Sunday.

M116 Sporting Life Cards Uncovered; Heading to Auction

A Midwestern family uncovered a treasure trove of 1910-11 M116 Sporting Life cards, still in their original envelopes including several Hall of Famers.

Photo of the Day: Wagner’s Wheels

Shortstop and automobile aficionado, Honus Wagner motors along during the winter of 1909 in a newly discovered photo now up for auction.

Original 1939 Lou Gehrig Day Photo Headlines Yee Auction

Hundreds of historic sports images are on the block this week on eBay including the famously touching photo of Babe Ruth hugging Lou Gehrig on July 4, 1939.

Spurned by Card Shop, Find of 1916 M101-4 Cards Heads to Auction

A rare complete set of 1916 Sporting News baseball cards has been discovered and is expected to bring big bucks when Goldin Auctions offers it next month.

Vintage Buy of the Week: E92 Honus Wagner Pair

For the first time in four years, a 1909 Dockman & Sons Honus Wagner batting pose card is coming to auction–and it’s bringing its brother.

Pre-War Rarities Top Goodwin Auction

A rare Old Judge Mike ‘King’ Kelly cabinet card from 1888-89 brought the biggest price in Goodwin and Company’s latest auction but it wasn’t the only rarity.

News & Notes: Second Chance at Local Auction Yielded Valuable Wagner Card

A collector who thought he’d missed out on a local auction steal got a second chance when the 1911 Sporting Life Honus Wagner Cabinet card came up for auction again a week later.

Ruth Signed Ball, E102 Wagner, Vintage Unopened Packs Highlight LOTG Auction

Love of the Game’s 2014 Winter Auction has opened with hundreds of vintage cards and memorabilia on the block.

High Grade Novelty Cutlery Postcards Sell for $90,000

Tucked in a regional auction company’s online catalog, some are 1908-1910 Novelty Cutlery postcards featuring the likes of Honus Wagner garnered new respect.

Young Collector at SoCal Show Indicates Bright Hobby Future

You think kids don’t appreciate history? We found one young baseball card collector in southern California with a passion for the old stuff.

100 Years Later, Fatima Team Cards Offer Coolness, Affordability

Looking for antique vintage cards with some serious star power and a fighting chance to complete a set? Say hello and Happy Birthday to 1913 Fatima Team cards.

For E107 Collectors, Big Ed Equals Big Bucks

It’s one of the key cards to a popular set but the way he died just adds to the intrigue of the 1903 E107 Breisch-Williams Ed Delahanty card.