honus wagner card

Wagner Card Drawing Attention as Alternative Investment

A Wall Street blogger talks Wagner.

T206 Eddie Plank a Worthy Challenger to Wagner

The T206 Eddie Plank plays Lou Gehrig to its more Ruthian-like brother, Honus Wagner, but serious collectors know how scarce it is.

Iconic Players, Sets Part of Memory Lane Auction

Vintage sports cards spanning virtually the entire history of collecting will be up for grabs later this week when Memory Lane Inc. opens its Winter Classics Auction.

T206 Wagner, Top Shelf Vintage Cards Populate Memory Lane’s I Own it Now Catalog

Some of the hobby’s top cards and sets, including a T206 Honus Wagner and 1916 Sporting News Babe Ruth rookie card are on the market.

T206 Wagner Proof Strip on Tour

The T206 proof strip featuring Honus Wagner and other goodies from the All-Star FanFest Auction is on a media tour and WPIX TV offers a little show and tell.

T206 Wagner Proof Strip Could Sell for $250,000

Hunt Auctions heads west for this year’s All-Star FanFest event.

T206 Wagner Card Paced Auction

Some rare Honus Wagner cards, including the holy grail were among those making up a $3.1 million auction.

T206 Honus Wagner Card Sold Again

Just months after grabbing a minority ownership, SCP Auctions has sold the PSA 8-graded T206 Honus Wagner baseball card.