Fan Trades Freese Home Run Ball for Signed Bat, Ball

The David Freese home run ball landed on a grassy knoll, but there’s no conspiracy theory. The man who chased it down was already planning for it. Lucky for the Cardinals, he’s not the kind to cash in.

Autographed Baseball Collection Just Part of ‘Little Cooperstown’

A look inside the massive stash of autographed baseballs owned by Dennis Schrader, stored inside a room best described as a bunker.

University of Washington Husky Stadium Sale Set

It’s out with the old and in with the new at one of college football’s most iconic venues. The University of Washington’s Husky Stadium will soon surrender itself to renovators and memorabilia collectors.

New Sports Memorabilia Auction Venture Will Also Aid Player Charities

A newly-formed group will launch sports memorabilia auctions while working with athletes and their charities.

Ruth Rookie Card, Fake Packs, NFL Auction…or Not

This edition of the Editor’s Blog has a big sale to report, a report on fake unopened packs, a look at a cool old box and more.

Ty Cobb Tobacco Tin Lighting Up eBay

A rare century-old Ty Cobb Tobacco container is for sale on eBay, with collectors of vintage baseball memorabilia lining up to bid.

1914 Babe Ruth Card Still Safe at Home in Museum

Still in the family of the original owner after 97 years, one of the hobby’s holy grails is treated with respect at the Babe Ruth Museum.

Roger Maris Both Prominent and Scarce in Cooperstown

You won’t find a Roger Maris plaque at the Baseball Hall of Fame. He’s never been inducted. But you’ll find a special exhibit on the 50th anniversary of his record-breaking year. Finding Maris memorabilia at Cooperstown shops isn’t quite as easy.

More News, Notes: Card Burglar, Panini Player of the Day, Tom Brady Finally Gets Chili’s Auto

A burglar swipes expensive cards, Panini brings back a popular promotion and spurned as a youngster, Tom Brady finally gets his autograph.

Time for Teams to Stop Pretending Home Run Balls Have Little Value

The family of an Atlanta teen is crying foul over a home run ball hit by Chipper Jones and the sly way they believe the team got away with a one-sided trade.

Punk Steals Grandpa’s Autographed Ruth Baseball

It was not a Norman Rockwell-like scene in Ocean Pines, Md., where a teen hoodlum swiped his grandfather’s memorabilia.

More Fake Autographs and COAs Have Oregon Detectives Busy

Detectives search the home of a 39-year-old ex-con, convinced he’s been selling baseballs with fake autographs from Babe Ruth and Roger Maris…and maybe more.

Superstation, Baseball Cards Went Hand in Hand

The arrival of cable TV turned a lot of people into Atlanta Braves fans. One blogger remembers the revolution–and the part that baseball cards played in developing his affection for a new powerhouse.

Editor’s Blog: Thome’s HR Ball, Crime Blotter, Killer’s Stuff Sells, Ernie Johnson

A sports memorabilia collector gets shot in the rear by a robber, guns drawn at a Colorado shop, Killer Kowalski’s memorabilia on the block…and a nice story about Ernie Johnson Sr. and Jr.

Top eBay Sellers Began as Rutgers Roomies

Leighton Sheldon and Scott Greenwald used their college eduction to turn a childhood passion into a thriving business.

Vintage Authentics Investigation Continuing

The case against a dealer accused of selling fake jerseys is being handled by the Complex Frauds Unit of the United States Attorney’s Office.

2011 National Sports Collectors Convention Ends 5-Day Run

A few more observations and information from the last day of the 32nd National.

Editor’s Blog: Sports Collector Classifieds, Chicago Family Feud, Etc.

A new classified ad website debuts, Moe Drabowsky’s memorabilia is consigned to auction and the latest on the family feud over a huge collection of valuable autographed baseballs.

MLB Prepares for Thome’s 600th

One milestone down; one more to go.

Gold Home Run Derby Balls to Debut

For your most elite autographs…a $150 baseball.