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1967 Topps Brooks Robinson Still a Challenging Collector Favorite

It was once thought to be extremely scarce and while that’s not quite true, the 1967 Topps Brooks Robinson is still one of the decades’ most popular cards.

Just Collect Launches 10,000+ Card End of Year Auction Party

A mammoth group of vintage sports cards is being sold off this weekend on eBay as Just Co;llect wraps up 2013 with its biggest auction of the year.

Toughest High Grade 1962 Topps High Numbers

Those wood grain borders will drive you batty. So which 1962 Topps high numbers are truly the hardest to find?

1967 Topps Baseball High Numbers Keep Collectors Hunting

You may have run a marathon. Swam with sharks. Climbed Mt. Everest.. You have not been challenged, though, until you’ve chased high grade 1967 Topps high numbers.

2012 Topps Heritage High Number Set Limited to 1,000 Sets

Its base product’s update set just hit store shelves but now Topps is releasing Heritage High Number sets, with a $1 per card price tag and only 1,000 made.

Editor’s Blog: Fake Mays, Local and National Media Coverage, Got Any High Numbers?

Tasty news nuggets from the National Sports Collectors Convention.