Steiner Hosting Hockey Autograph Show

Some Hall of Famers are on the guest list next month.

Buyer of Million Dollar Jersey is Billionaire

Mitch Goldhar helped bring Walmart to Canada. Now, he’s promising to bring one of hockey’s most famous artifacts to a national stage.

Could Canadian Government Buy Henderson Jersey?

Preservationists in Canada are calling on the government to step up to the plate and buy one of the most famous pieces of hockey history.

Ultimate Collection Football Released

The 2009 football season isn’t over for one sports card company.

Pujols, LaRussa Sign at Cardinals Winter Warm-Up

There was no holiday from baseball in St. Louis, where the team’s annual Winter Warm-Up wrapped up.

Leyritz Autographs to Pay Bills

Former Yankee playoff hero Jim Leyritz was set up in Pete Rose fashion, just outside the Yankee Stadium gates, signing autographs as he awaits trial on vehicular manslaughter charges.

1967 Stanley Cup Ring Found…Where?

Ding Ding! We have a winner for most bizarre story of the week.