Nitschke Memorabilia on the Block

Some items from the career of Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Nitschke enter the hobby after his son thins a large collection.

Buyer of Million Dollar Jersey is Billionaire

Mitch Goldhar helped bring Walmart to Canada. Now, he’s promising to bring one of hockey’s most famous artifacts to a national stage.

Store Offers Refunds After Autograph Snafu

Forced to cancel a heavily-publicized autograph signing, a store ponies up refunds.

Sox Auction Special Caps

The White Sox were all green on St. Patty’s day and they’re hoping to raise some green through some one-of-a-kind caps.

New Baseball Cards Warm ESPN Columnist’s Heart

ESPN’s Jim Caple pedals down to the local card shop–the same one Tim Lincecum used to patronize as a kid–and assesses the state of the hobby with shop owner DJ Joss.