Follow New eBay Rules: Make More Money

eBay is offering sellers of sports cards and memorabilia a test. Pass it with your listings and you’ll have more success than the next guy.

Bonds ball changes hands

From a lucky guy to a wealthy guy…Barry Bonds’ 715th HR ball has a new home.

Chasing sigs at 58

A New Mexico man still has a passion for baseball–and chasing down every autograph he can.

Texas shop owner still fired up after 20 years

Now here’s something different. A card shop owner who’s not singing the blues. This guy actually likes his chosen profession so much he’s been able to make a living at it for 20 years.

Bonds 715th ball landing on eBay

While everyone else was glued to home plate, he went for beer and peanuts when Barry Bonds came to the plate, stuck on 714. That un-fan-like move is paying off for the guy who had a piece of history drop into his lap.