Bowman vs Topps: The Old Rivalry on eBay

Iconic debut aside, Topps trumped Bowman then–and now–if eBay stats are any indication.

Editor’s Blog: Let’s Play Find the Forgers

The ongoing supply of fake autograph pieces isn’t going away. Is there no way to find the source of the slimy signatures produced by forgers?

Long Live the Vintage Box

Not every kid who grew up in the 1980s and 90s was after the latest issue.

Sports Guy Returns to the National

Columnist Bill Simmons is back at the National Sports Collectors Convention, marveling, mocking and generally having a grand time with everything the dealers brought to Chicago.

2011 National Sports Collectors Convention Ends 5-Day Run

A few more observations and information from the last day of the 32nd National.

Editor’s Blog: Collector Projects Show Creativity in Action

Meet a couple of guys who give a fresh take on old cards.

Editor’s Blog: Heritage Scoring More Points

2011 Topps Heritage is like a magnet.

Tribe Closer Perez is a Collector

Even big leaguers splurge on baseball cards.

Harwell Collection at Home in Library

Manager Jim Leyland and a couple of Tigers coaches get a tour of Ernie Harwell’s lifetime collection of baseball memorabilia and notes.

A House of Black and Gold

About half of George Danesky’s house is covered in Steelers memorabilia.

Memorabilia Companies Still Waiting for Sanchez

There’s no glut of Mark Sanchez autographs on the market and it seems like that’s how he likes it.

Collection Includes Special Signed Book

Baseball is a big part of Jim Leefer’s life.

What Will Become of Bush Heisman Painting

The title is now vacant, but what about the official Reggie Bush Heisman art?

LeGone: Ohio Retailers Dumping James Stuff

From hero to zero in record time. LeBron James is now reviled in the city that once thought he would lead them to NBA glory.

Owner of Corked Rose Bat Discusses Find on TV

Bill Schubert’s Pete Rose game-used bat isn’t going to be sold right now, but it’s now worth a lot more money.

Colts Collector Can’t Get Enough

Every day is game day at this guy’s house.

Fan Gave Home Run Ball Back; Earned Scholarship

The best thing to come out of Mark McGwire’s controversial chase of Roger Maris 11 seasons ago? A guy who turned one of those historic baseballs into a career as a doctor.

LeRoy Kilps Will Be Missed

I read on a blog post by a Wisconsin collector that LeRoy Kilps, the president of the Wisconsin Sports Collectors Association, has passed away. LeRoy has been with the group in some capacity for a very long time, helping run the monthly shows at Gonzaga Hall in Milwaukee. The WSCA has held them there for close to 30 […]

Madoff Auction Includes Autographs, Cards

While Bernie and Ruth Madoff’s jewelry and furs will get most of the attention, Saturday’s US Marshal’s sale also includes some nice hockey cards, an MJ rookie and some autographed footballs.

Cash for Art Clunkers

Give this guy an ‘A’ for creativity in marketing…even if it is a ‘borrowed’ concept: The Marquess Gallery, featuring the photographic baseball art of Don Marquess, has instituted its own “cash for clunkers” program, under which people turning in old clunker art (at least 11”x14”), will be rewarded with a one-third discount on any art […]