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Graded Ken Griffey Jr Rookie Card Tally Now Over 100,000

What’s an Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card worth? It depends on the grade. We break down the numbers encapsulated by the three main services.

9th Edition of Graded Card Price Guide Released

The newest edition of the Beckett Graded Card Price Guide is out with price updates and checklists for all four sports.

Real Time, Mobile Friendly Sports Card Price Guide Launches

A Microsoft executive is offering a free trial subscription to a new online price guide service for graded cards.

1952 Topps Mickey Mantle: Looking to Own One?

Some believe the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle is the most popular baseball card of all-time. A picture-perfect presentation of a star being born in New York, the Mantle card is a favorite of those seeking to invest in sports memorabilia and also of those who understand its significance in the hobby. Mantle, of course, was […]

T205 Near Master Set Leads off Huggins and Scott Auction

Huggins & Scott’s new auction includes a nearly complete master set of T205s and a historic baseball cap.

Family Helping Family: Large Graded Collection in Market

When card collectors need to raise cash, being ready to buy–and sell– can make a deal happen fast.

Excerpt: The Card Removal Effect

In the third of three excerpts from his book The Modern Baseball Card Investor, Jeff Hwang uses poker analogies to analyze the impact of grading on cards with limited production.

Graded Babe Ruth Cards You Can Own Without Going Broke

When it comes to original Babe Ruth graded cards, not everything costs a fortune.

Editor’s Blog: News & Notes in a Rapidly Vaporizing Year

Announcing the First Annual Mikey Awards for sports card products, grading companies are focus of Waxpak’s final column, a chat with NBC Sports and more.

8 Great Ways to Be a Smarter Collector

Some things to keep in mind so your collection can grow up straight and tall.

Vintage Baseball Sets With the Most High Grade Cards

PSA’s Population Report has a lot of numbers after 20 years. We’re breaking down the vintage baseball card sets from the 1950s, 60s and 70s by submission totals and percentage of high grade cards.