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Auction Raised Over $600,00 for Wheldon Family

Dan Wheldon auction

A special auction set up to benefit the family of the late Indy racing champ Dan Wheldon lasted for weeks and raised more than $600,000.

1990s Card Giveaway Attempt Leads to Bomb Squad Visit

box of 1990s cards

Poor 1990s cards. You try to sell them and you can’t. You try to give them away and someone thinks you’re a terrorist.

Dan Wheldon Auction Opens

Dan Wheldon auction

What started as a fellow racer’s charity has turned into a growing sports and celebrity auction for the family of IndyCar driver Dan Wheldon.

Demands on Gretzky Never Stop

When Wayne Gretzky is out and about…especially in Canada…he’s a one man autograph machine.