George Brett

Vintage Set of the Week: 1980 Topps Set Marked End of an Era

With only one major rookie card but with an album full of Hall of Famers and 35 years in the rear view mirror, the 1980 Topps set looks better with age.

The Royals are Hot, but How About Their Memorabilia?

Here’s a phrase you may not have heard since the 1980s: Kansas City Royals memorabilia is popular again.

1975 Topps George Brett Holds Secure Place Among Post-War Best

The George Brett rookie card–all three versions–remains a hot commodity among collectors of a certain age.

George Brett vs. Persistent Autograph Seeker…and It’s Not Pretty

George Brett threatened to ‘shoot’ an overzealous autograph hound at the Kansas City airport Wednesday.

Editor’s Blog: Bat Brett Used for Hit #2000 Wasn’t His

Former big leaguer Greg Pryor tells the story of how one of his bats made some baseball history. He still has it.