Back From Show, Man’s Memorabilia Pilfered

An Ohio man thought his stuff would be safe for a few minutes, sitting inside his garage in the middle of the day.
He was wrong.

Garage Sale Find: “Tornado Palm” Glove

Collectors of antique baseball gloves were all over a rare model that showed up on eBay recently.

Garage Sale ‘Find’ Now in Dispute

A $10,000 pendant that a 20-year-old Ohio woman says she found at a yard sale may be stolen goods according to police.

Yard Sale Find Turns into Gem…Literally

Veneisha Robinson plucked a piece of LeBron James jewelry out of a yard sale box. It was worth a lot more than what she paid for it.

Monster Lot of Monster Boxes

A Michigan man is hoping you’ll help his wife get her car in the garage by buying his cards.

Twins Garage Sale Draws Huge Crowd

Fans lined up in the wee hours of the morning to grab bargain priced leftovers from the team’s Metrodome era.

Twins Moving Sale Will Have 5000 Items

The Minnesota Twins are selling out to the bare walls! Everything must go!

Forbes Field Relics

A Pittsburgh area man who salvaged portions of Forbes Field during demolition in 1972 has consigned them to auction later this year. Now he’s not sure he wants to see them leave the city.