Upper Deck Asking $50,000 for LeBron’s ‘Return to Cleveland’ Shoes

Cleveland fans might prefer burning them, but UDA is offering the shoes LeBron James wore in his first game there as a member of the Heat.

World Series Schedule 2011

A look at the schedule for World Series.

Bill Buckner, Mookie Wilson Together Again

Bill Buckner and Mookie Wilson will make an autograph appearance in New York next month, with proceeds going to charity.

Hunt Auctions to Sell Ted Williams Collection

Historic items from the career of Ted Williams, including several of his major awards, will be offered at a live auction. Many of the items will be featured on a national tour set to begin later this month.

Metrodome Roof Video Now Shows Latest Collectible

You remember the Metrodome roof collapsing last season, right? The old stadium cover has been purchased by a Minnesota man who’s now marketing swatches of the big gray roof in all shapes and sizes, many turned into display pieces.

Editor’s Blog: Panini-Art Settle Suit; Conlon Party; Stolen Rare Photo on eBay?

Charles Conlon’s original photos and some works of art replicating five of the best will be on display at an invitation-only party in New York. Panini settles it’s lawsuit with Art of the Game and is that a stolen Al Reach photo on eBay?

Bruins, Store Preparing to Lauch Big Game-Used Sale

Last year’s NHL champs are partnering with a local retail outlet for the annual sale of team gear. Coming off a Cup championship won’t hurt.

Kobe Bryant Still Denies Signing Autographs for SoCal Company

The curious case of Panini vs Art Of The Game continues in court, with emphatic denials from Kobe Bryant that he ever signed autographs for the company. Who’s telling the truth?

2011 In The Game Heroes and Prospects ‘Hits’ Series Two Box Break

In The Game is back with series two of its all hits baseball product, dipping into the draft with an eye on the past.

Baseball Cards Part of High School All-American Game Week

Some high school All-Americans got their first baseball cards–even if they’re not old enough for the company to include them in packs.

In the Memorabilia Cave With Dave

David “Boomer” Wells, lives life large…and he’s got a large collection too.

Upper Deck Suing…Upper Deck

In the latest round of never ending legal battles, Upper Deck International is now suing its US-based subsidiary and CEO after losing what it claims are millions of dollars and laying off dozens because of counterfeit gaming cards.

There May Finally Be a Reason to Go to an NFL Pre-Season Game

The league goes the autographed jersey route to say ‘thanks for your patience’ and if you’re in an NFL stadium you’ve got a chance to get one.

DiMaggio Stamp Will Be Part of 2012 Issues

Joltin’ Joe will headline a group of four players who will adorn Forever postage.

Game Worn Dealer Arrested; Facing Mail, Wire Fraud Charges

UPDATES with NSCC statement

The owner of Vintage Authentics was arrested by investigators from the U.S. Postal Service Thursday morning on the floor of the National Sports Collectors Convention as law enforcement agents swooped in to nab the man they are convinced is responsible for perpetually bringing fake superstar “game worn” jerseys to market.

Hotels, Things to Do Near Stephens Convention Center

Still pondering plans for the National? Here are some tips on where to stay, what to do.

Intriguing Bats Part of MEARS Auction

Players today don’t know what ‘pressure’ is.

Topps Buys Maker of Digital Currency Cards

Topps continues its aggressive push toward branding itself in the digital age.

TriStar to Launch OBAK Football Set, Offer Promo Cards

Tristar Productions will have its own free card promo at this year’s National while debuting its first football series through the OBAK brand.

Panini Asks Judge for Restraining Order Over Autographs

The dispute between Panini, Kobe Bryant and Art of The Game has Bryant claiming he never knew he was signing for the LA-based group. But…could a settlement be in the works?