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Robert Edward Auctions

1970s Unopened Cases, Boxes Headliners at Collect Auctions

Topps 1976 baseball vending case

Another group of still unopened 1970s cases and boxes are up for grabs at Collect Auctions.

New Midwest-Based Auction House to Launch With Bat Bonanza

baseball game bats

Two Kansas City area friends are launching an auction house that plans to prominently feature game-used bats.

PSA Launches Webcast Series with Tips, Lists, Guides

PSA10 Webcast

PSA is producing a series of online videos offering tips and knowledge on various types of sports collectibles.

ALERT: $48,000 Mel Ott Game Bat Stolen at NSCC

Game used Mel Ott bat

A collector who lost a recently purchased 1930s game bat once in the hands of one of baseball’s most feared sluggers is hoping someone might know who took it or where it is.

PSA Bat Facts Aimed at Educating Collectors, Fans About Major League Player Bats

Willie Mays PSAProBatFacts

PSA has launched Pro Baseball Bat Facts, aimed at distributing a storehouse of knowledge on game used bats.

Great Sports Memorabilia Investments

Mickey Mantle 1951 Bowman

For kids who grew up in the 1980s believing their baseball cards would be paying their way through college or providing the only retirement nest egg they’d ever need, it’s been a bummer.