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ThePit “Football 50” Index Debuts at $7.2 Milllion

ThePit Football 50 makes its debut, tracking the most valuable cards of NFL stars.

Woodson’s Rookie Cards Date to Last Century

The ageless Raider finally picked off his 1997 Heisman rival Sunday. Charles Woodson rookie cards date to a time when certified autographs weren’t that common.

15 Solid Football Card Investments

Love vintage pigskin? It may be undervalued. Here’s a look at 15 of the best football cards to invest in if you’re looking to get in the game.

Julio Jones Cards Ready to Rise?

A record-setting start could mean Julio Jones football cards are ready to break out. We’ve got the ‘most watched’ list.

Super Bowl MVPs and their Rookie Cards

From Bart to Brady and beyond, we’ve got the complete list of Super Bowl MVPs and their first appearance on football cards.

Market for Tom Brady Cards Still Hot

At 37 and heading for another Super Bowl, here are the most watched Brady cards on the market.

Toughest PSA 9 Football Rookie Cards of the 1970s

A look inside the numbers to see which 1970s football rookie cards are the rarest in a PSA 9 grade and what those old Hall of Fame rookie cards sell for.

Best 1970s Football Cards

If you grew up in the decade or have developed a fondness for the NFL’s modern history, coming up with a list of the best 1970s football cards is like a parent trying to pick a favorite child.  We’ve listed some of the obvious choices in past articles about the best of all-time (like this […]

25 Years Ago, Aikman’s Star Was Still a Mystery

Collectors prospecting for the next breakout NFL star would be best to take a lesson from a player who took a little while to become one.

Better Late Than Never: Staubach Rookie Showcases Late Blooming HOF Career

It took awhile for his mug to hit cardboard but the 1972 Topps Roger Staubach rookie card is now among the most sought after of all with a ‘9’ on eBay now.

eBay Card of the Day: Remembering the Refrigerator

In pop music there is a term called one-hit wonders. That means these artists had one and only one hit and then disappeared back into the obscurity they usually came from.  Sometimes these songs fade out of our consciousness rapidly to be remembered only by extreme pop music fans like myself (how about Robin McNamara […]

Manziel, Clowney Autographs Highlight New Leaf Metal Draft Football Issue

2014 Leaf Metal Draft football arrives this week, long before even the NFL Draft and promising the first autographed cards of Johnny Manziel and Jadaveon Clowney.

Robert Griffin III Rookie Cards Light Up eBay

Dealers willing to cash in early migrated to eBay Sunday, where hundreds of Robert Griffin III rookie cards were being bought and sold.

How This Year’s NFL Rookie Cards Are Driving Sales

A strong rookie class and better odds of pulling one of their cards have resulted in solid sales of 2010 football cards.

Potential NFL Rookie Card Bargains

We’ve got a list of players who might be ready for breakout seasons. Should you buy now?

Ten Underpriced Football Rookie Cards

Wading through the abyss of post-1990 football rookie cards can be difficult, but there may be some relative bargains out there.

Most Valuable Football Rookie Cards Come of Age in Playoffs

Stars–and star cards–are born in the post-season.