1927 Cubs Uniform: From Farm to Auction

A 1927 Chicago Cubs jersey once worn by Sparky Adams sat in a Wisconsin farmhouse for decades before being consigned to the latest MEARS auction.

1965 Packers Signed Game Ball Now in Hall

A virtually untouched game ball from the 1965 NFL champion Green Bay Packers–signed by at least three dozen players–was donated to the team’s Hall of Fame to avoid a potential family tussle.

Youngster Reaches Out; Maris Family Reaches Back

A movie connects an Iowa ten-year-old with the appreciative family of a baseball icon.

1956 Topps Mantle Stolen…But Not For Long

Yankee envy in Red Sox country?

Puck City: Young Fan Digs Discs

A young hockey nut’s insatiable desire for pucks.