Vintage Authentics Owner Pleads Guilty to Selling Fake Jerseys

Vintage Authentics owner Steve Jensen faces sentencing this spring as federal prosecutors continue to prosecute dealers of phony jerseys.

REA Believes All 2001 Barry Bonds “Home Run Jerseys” Fake

They’re supposedly authenticated by Barry Bonds. But are they real home run jerseys? Bonds says no…and now an auction house is lining up in agreement.

More Fake Autographs and COAs Have Oregon Detectives Busy

Detectives search the home of a 39-year-old ex-con, convinced he’s been selling baseballs with fake autographs from Babe Ruth and Roger Maris…and maybe more.

Another Pawn Shop Falls Victim to Fake Ruth Baseball Con

Someone is making a killing trying to sell phony Babe Ruth baseballs to Florida pawn shops…but no one seems to be able to catch the crook.

Ornstein Claims No Fake Jerseys Made it Into Collectors’ Hands

The man convicted of a Super Bowl ticket-fake game jersey scheme reveals a little more about what happened to the “memorabilia”.

Ornstein Gets 8 Months for Selling Super Bowl Tix, Fake Jerseys

The government sacks a man convicted of passing off fake NFL jerseys as the real deal.

Mantle Family Claims Most of Mick’s Autographs Fake

Mickey Mantle memorabilia and cards are still the gold standard for post-War era collectors…but that also means those items are an inviting target for crooks.