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Lawsuit Claims Giants Swapped Strahan’s Final Jersey

A sports memorabilia dealer accuses the New York Giants’ equipment staff of selling Michael Strahan’s final game jersey and giving him one made to look real.

Dealer Sentenced in Bogus Jerseys Case

Mitchell Schumacher received a lighter sentence after cooperating with investigators attempting to snare others who were faking the wear in ‘game worn’ goods.

Four Guilty in Fake Jersey Cases Now Serving Time in Federal Prison

The four men sentenced to prison time in connection with the sale of fake ‘game worn’ jerseys are serving out their sentences at minimum security facilities.

3 More Dealers Sentenced in Fake Jersey Cases

Three more dealers will spend time in federal prison after being sentenced for misrepresenting jerseys they sold, some of which wound up at trading card companies.

Two Sentenced in Jersey Fraud Case

A federal judge has ordered one man to prison early next year while another will avoid the slammer but be forced to stay home and wear an electronic monitor as part of his sentence in the fraud case involving bogus game jerseys.

Court Papers: Fake Jerseys Ran Rampant at Card Companies

Attorneys for several men who pleaded guilty to fraud charges in connection with the sale of bogus game jerseys claim card companies spent a lot of money to put them into products.

Fending Off Fakes: Auction Company Round Table

Vintage sports cards and memorabilia can bring big bucks and with that come efforts to create phony items. Here, our auction company panelists take on fakes.

Dealer Charged in Jersey Scheme Paints Ugly Picture

An FBI interview with one of five men to plead guilty in a scheme during which jerseys were sold to card companies as “game used” includes accusations against trading card company representatives.

Superseding Indictment Issued in Case Against Sixth Dealer Charged in Bogus Jersey Scheme

Government attorneys have now extracted guilty pleas from five of the six sports memorabilia dealers originally indicated on mail fraud charges last year and their case against the sixth man continues to move forward. Bradley Wells of St. Petersburg, FL, opted for a guilty plea announced Thursday in connection with the sale of jerseys altered […]