The Good That Came from a Stolen 1975 Topps Set

A dealer watched a thief steal a near set of 1975 Topps but opted to turn his frustration into a crowd sourcing effort to help a young collector.

Editor’s Blog: $15 Cracker Jack Find Sells for $46K; New Card Shop Opens; Leaf’s New Hire

The near set of 1915 Cracker Jack cards found 34 years ago at a farm auction for $15 is sold for a lot more; a new sports card store opens and we have video and hobby veteran Terry Melia is back in the game as PR man for Leaf.

Facebook Pulse: What Can the Card Companies Do Better?

Current and former collectors weren’t shy about expressing their opinion when it comes to offering suggestions to the trading card manufacturers.

Editor’s Blog: Site Improvements, Social Network for Collectors

Speed and social sharing enhancements have been added and we’ve increased our commitment to the Sports Collectors Social Network.

Mishap Has Rich’s Ramblings in Mending, Thinking Mode

It’s been an interesting week for Rich Klein, whose physical ramblings earned him some black and blue marks and a little perspective on what we should make the focus of our ‘collection’.

Topps Buys Maker of Digital Currency Cards

Topps continues its aggressive push toward branding itself in the digital age.

Baseball Card Shop Making a Mini Comeback?

The Editor’s Blog mulls the latest headlines and whether the dearth of card shops and the rise of technology might be creating some new brick-and-mortars.

Show Promotion: Where to Find Customers

Promoting a sports card or trade show in the 21st century means being interactive

Editor’s Blog: News and Notes

More hobby tidbits to snack on including a historic baseball document, Carmelo and some card company talk.

Landing Free Sports Memorabilia: Get Social

Connecting with players and teams through the major social networks could lead to free memorabilia.

Topps Releases 2011 Card Design

Topps offers a one-card sneak peek at its 2011 baseball issue.

Tool Helps Your eBay Listings Stand Out

A web-based program makes it easier to spice up your eBay listings and spread the word without knowing a lot of technical stuff.