T206 Eddie Plank a Worthy Challenger to Wagner

The T206 Eddie Plank plays Lou Gehrig to its more Ruthian-like brother, Honus Wagner, but serious collectors know how scarce it is.

Editor’s Blog: Where Did Those Fake Jerseys Go?

So what really happened to the faux game jerseys federal agents say were sold to at least one card company? We’ve also got a quick note about two Thanksgiving weekend shows and some special deals you might want to check out.

Was Doc’s Sports Collection Acquired With Drug Money?

A Windsor doctor owned a great collection of sports memorabilia, but he’s now facing charges over dozens of prescriptions he wrote–and picked up.

Editor’s Blog: Gehrig’s Last Glove…Well Maybe Not; Ohio State Memorabilia Scandal

Another item from the Halper auction is called into question, while a new report says Ohio State players were REALLY into trading.

Thieves Invade Agent’s Home; Swipe His Sports Memorabilia

A Cadillac Escalade pulled up to the home of Miami-based sports and entertainment agent David Sugarman Wednesday. It wasn’t there for a party.

FBI Has Plenty of Tools to Uncover Fraud

A peek inside the FBI’s Questioned Documents unit.

Pete Rose ‘Bat Rays’ Negative

Two owners of Pete Rose bats decided to see if they, too, owned controversial little pieces of baseball history.

Owner of Corked Rose Bat Discusses Find on TV

Bill Schubert’s Pete Rose game-used bat isn’t going to be sold right now, but it’s now worth a lot more money.