Pre-War Items Set Pace in Memory Lane Auction

A T206 Eddie Plank cracked the six-figure mark, while pre-War cards and memorabilia also scored in a major catalog auction.

Tebow: Winning Games=Winning Bids

Tim Tebow has plenty of believers–or at least fans–in the football card market. Tebow rookie card sales on eBay have nearly tripled since he became an NFL starting quarterback.

Iconic Players, Sets Part of Memory Lane Auction

Vintage sports cards spanning virtually the entire history of collecting will be up for grabs later this week when Memory Lane Inc. opens its Winter Classics Auction.

Horace Grant Donates Signed Bulls’ Shoes for School Auction

Horace Grant has donated six pairs of 1991 Chicago Bulls signed sneakers for an auction to benefit his daughters’ school.

TWIB Talks Baseball Cards

The Hall of Fame uses them to illustrate the game’s past. Baseball players of today sometimes collect them–or did. And Topps is still cranking them out. Baseball cards get star treatment on MLB’s weekly TV show.

Autographed Baseball Collection Family Feud Continues

The large collection of autographed baseballs pieced together by a late former member of the White Sox board of directors has become the subject of court proceedings and protective orders.

Griffey Card Sentimental for Law Student…and Buglary Suspect

The thief who took his Griffey Jr. rookie card stole a little of Andew Woodman’s childhood. He got it back…maybe because the man who took the collection couldn’t part with it either.

2011 Topps Lineage Set for Summer Release

Topps will keep the presses rolling later this summer with a new baseball card line that shakes the dust off some vintage designs.

Rickey’s Papers a National Treasure

Branch Rickey’s baseball life included scouting reports and letters to Jackie Robinson–all are in the collection of the nation’s library.

Robertson Joins Suit

The Big O has a big beef with the NCAA over the use of his picture on trading cards and other products.

Hobby’s Future Discussed in Houston

How one hobby business keeps growing despite uncertainties in the industry.

In The Game’s 1980s Decade Set a Blast From the Past

In The Game’s upcoming card set is all 80s all the time.

Seamstresses Keep Packers Looking Sharp

Next time you see a “game worn” Packers jersey on the market, think of this story.

Booted to the Hall: Kramer’s Shoe Comes Home

Rescued from a box of 1960s Packers hand-me-downs, a kicking shoe belonging to one of the team’s all-time greats now has a more hallowed place.

MLB Authenticators Busy in Post-Season

What’s being tagged in this year’s World Series? A better question…what isn’t?

Tommie Smith Selling 1968 Gold Medal, Shoes

His gesture on the medal stand in Mexico City created a firestorm 42 years ago. Now, Tommie Smith’s gold is up for sale.

Another Card Collection Lament from the 90s

“But they were supposed to pay my way through college…”

The Card Files: Remember the $12 Ryan RC Controversy?

It was card shop owner vs. kid in 1990, when a fill-in clerk sold one of the best cards in the shop for 12 bucks.

Elderly Yankees Fan Sues over Missing Letter

Is your standard 1959 Mickey Mantle fan reply letter worth $100,000? No. Can you still sue? Apparently.

$10,000 Reward for Crosby’s Golden Stick

Who wound up with the most famous hockey stick in Canada?