Editor’s Blog: Investing in Cards, PSA Plans, What the Puck?

A pair of giveaways from PSA at the National. They’re still playing ‘Where’s That Championship Puck’ in Chicago and one media outlet digs into into the baseball cad investment angle. It’s all in the blog.

Editor’s Blog: A Collection of Baseball Stories

Cashing in a childhood collection, Addie Joss’ All-Star Game turns 100 and Upper Deck makes some former Carolina jocks happy.

Editor’s Blog: Vintage Card Market Strong, New Shop

The last in a series on the hobby delves into the vintage card hobby, a new shop opens in Virginia and we’ve got coverage of the Rosenblatt Stadium Auction.

Editor’s Blog: Vintage Hockey Theft Solved, National Guests, Autograph Specials

Cops say they’ve got their Parkhurst hockey thief. One online card dealer is doing a bang-up business. We’ve got word of some free autographs from former Cub stalwarts at the National and a big online retailer is ready to hook you up with 10% off.

Editor’s Blog: Cool Pants, Honus Visits Braves, PSA Videos

Not every pair of game-worn pants is weird. Ballplayers ogle Keith Olbermann’s T206 Wagner and PSA launches a series of educational videos, starting with bats.

Editor’s Blog: Legal Bills, Smash ‘n Grab, Snip ‘n Swap

A collection of…unusual…stories from the wide world of sports memorabilia.

Editor’s Blog: Collector Projects Show Creativity in Action

Meet a couple of guys who give a fresh take on old cards.

Editor’s Blog: National Autographs, Cam’s Pants, Rookie Shoot

What’s all the fuss about the photo shoot…NSCC show signing schedule…and Busted Coverage wants you to know they put their pants on one leg at a time just like you but they own Cam Newton’s title trousers.

Editor’s Blog: PSA/DNA Business Up, Fire Update, Steinbrenner Letters

Positive cash flow for Collector’s Universe, an update on the card shop fire in Ohio and also on a stack of letters written by a youthful George Steinbrenner. Oh…and is Charlie Sheen getting ready to sell some of his vintage sports memorabilia?

Editor’s Blog: Pink Bats, Stolen Sigs, Pawn Star on Dave

Some quick hits–and a video–to close out the week.

Editor’s Blog: Baseball Card Museum, Lady Collector, Heroin and Cards Don’t Mix

A couple of collector stories…and one who will likely be collecting a prison sentence.

Editor’s Blog: Arrest in Stolen Card Case, Stock Tips, Harper Autos

Cops have captured a suspected card crook while one market analyst likes(!) some collectible businesses and there’s quite a feeding frenzy at the minor league parks where Bryce Harper is playing.

Editor’s Blog: Jones Scores, Lotta Stubs, Sheen Signs

Of Bobby Jones signed golf balls, a ticket stub cataloging milestone, Charlie Sheen’s autograph and more…

Editor’s Blog: 1937 Wheaties Discovery, Iconic 80s and 90s Cards

Two new additions to the 1937 Wheaties set are discovered while modern bloggers compare notes in some entertaining posts.

Editor’s Blog: Ichiro, Matsui Jerseys Raise $ For Japan

An update on the auction for Japan relief via a game worn jersey auction, plus a couple of knuckleheads’ failed strategy for selling an signed Michael Jordan jersey.

Editor’s Blog: Early Rickey, Hollywood Casting Call

Our news and notes runneth over. REA shows off a cool, old piece proving Branch Rickey was committed to equality long, long before Jackie Robinson. A couple of TV shows want YOU…maybe. And some poor, helpless old baseball cards get caught in a relationship turned sour.

Editor’s Blog: PSA Opening East Coast Office

A tease from PSA’s future plans, baseball’s most marketable players and more midweek tidbits.

Editor’s Blog: First Pack of Cards, Topps TV Special

SI.com’s always entertaining Steve Rushin takes his two-year-old son to the store to pick out his first pack of cards while MLB Network and Topps join forces for a one-hour special. Plus an update on Pete Sampras’ missing memorabilia.

Editor’s Blog: Heritage Scoring More Points

2011 Topps Heritage is like a magnet.

Editor’s Blog: FBI Visit, Auction Results, Topps Hobby Shop Promotion

Some four leaf clovers dotting the news landscape on St. Patrick’s Day.