Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Memorabilia Items Hit eBay

The Kareem Abdul-Jabbar auction is underway, with the first batch of items from the Hall of Famer’s career now on eBay including his 1974 All-Star ring.

10 Ways to Make More Money with eBay Listings

10 tips for making more money selling your sports collectibles–or anything else–during eBay’s current listing special.

Ramblings: Past Not Always Better

The good old days of sports collecting were fun but Rich Klein says today’s collectors have it better in a lot of ways, too.

What’s Hot In The Shop: The Cup (is selling like) Hot Cakes

It’s not cheap but Mike says his collectors saved their money for Upper Deck The Cup Hockey. And no, he’s not going out of business.

eBay, Paypal to Split Into Separate Companies

eBay will spin Paypal off and bring in a new chief in 2015.

Editor’s Blog: Wagner Reprint=Big News (Apparently)

How a fake Honus Wagner card became national news.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Married to eBay

Dale Earnhardt Jr. kicked an Amazon addiction to join eBay. He’s not only a collector, he’s got a sponsorship for his car and a charity deal, too.

John Miley Sports Broadcast Collection Offers Old Ballgames on CD

The John Miley sports broadcast collection includes recordings from ballgames played from the 1930s on.

Autograph Authentication on Amazon and eBay: Where Does It Stand?

It is important to know the differences in what the two internet giants allow when it comes to the selling of autographed material. And it is essential to understand the similarities.

Early Reaction to 2013-14 Upper Deck Black Basketball

2013-14 Upper Deck Black Basketball is back as a stand-alone product with the newly-released boxes promising six autographs of guys in their college gear.

Narrow Escape: Vintage Cards Being Sold to Aid Flood Victims

A retired Canadian man’s childhood collection of 1951-62 Parkhurst hockey cards is being sold after a devastating flood took nearly everything else.

Rich Klein: Beckett Business Solutions Aims to Aid Collector, Shop Owner

Beckett Business Solutions will launch early next year, aimed at uniting dealers around the country to help collectors find what they’re looking for. Not much is known yet but they’ve brought a hobby veteran on board to help steer.

8 Great Ways to Be a Smarter Collector

Some things to keep in mind so your collection can grow up straight and tall.

eBay Policy Changes Produce Sterling Results for Smaller Auction House

Lee Behrens of Sterling Sports Auctions says rising costs for eBay sellers have helped his company grow.

Baseball Memorabilia: 25 Cool Ways to Collect

A list of the coolest sports cards and collectibles that don’t all cost an arm and a leg.

Operation Bullpen: The Case That Has Never Gone Away

Fake autographs produced by the notorious Operation Bullpen conspiracy still plague the collecting hobby years after the FBI brought the ring down. In the first of a 5-part series, author Kevin Nelson recaps the case and begins to reveal some of the photos you’ve probably never seen.

eBay Debuts Setify; New Site Aimed at Collectors and Collections

It’s not ready for sports collectors yet and the whole concept is still in beta testing, but eBay is launching something called Setify, which it says can be used to create and share collections online. It’s the latest in a string of moves this year aimed at reaching out to collectors, including the current free […]

Top 10 Selling Vintage Card Listings Last 7 Days

A look at last week’s top selling vintage baseball cards on eBay. Would you believe…Sam Zoldak?

Robert Griffin III Rookie Cards Light Up eBay

Dealers willing to cash in early migrated to eBay Sunday, where hundreds of Robert Griffin III rookie cards were being bought and sold.

Buying and Selling Outlets for Sports Card Collectors

eBay is the online king for buying and selling sports cards but some other services are getting into the game or already making their mark.