eBay to Make Photos Free, Require Them By Early Summer


Some changes are coming for eBay sellers…if you like ‘free’ at least one of them is good news.

Ozzie Smith Rookie Card Sells for $20,852

Ozzie Smith rookie card 1979 Topps PSA 10

An eye-popping price is laid down by a bidder for one of only four PSA 10-graded 1979 Topps Ozzie Smith rookie cards.

Topps, Leaf No Longer Fighting Over Buy Back Images

Topps vs Leaf

Topps’ copyright claims against Leaf won’t be going to trial. The two card companies have agreed to a joint dismissal.

Tips for selling on eBay: Listings that Rock


If your profits aren’t measuring up, it might be time to revisit some tips for selling your sports card and such on eBay.

Leaf Files Counterclaim Against Topps

Topps vs Leaf

Leaf Trading Cards has answered a Topps lawsuit over its use of pictures depicting old Topps cards in a Leaf Best of Baseball sell sheet.

Panini America Will Produce Baseball Cards

Josh Hamilton Panini baseball card

Major League Baseball Players and Panini have come to terms on a deal that will result in more new baseball card products.