Family Heirloom: Large Vintage Baseball Card Collection Consigned

Rudy Strejc grew up in the Pacific Northwest during the first part of the 20th century and his childhood collection of tobacco cards and others from the era would expand later in life. Now, it’s all about to be sold at auction.

Cards From E98 Find to be Displayed at Long Beach Expo

Ten Hall of Famers from the recently discovered Ohio find of E98s will be on display at the Long Beach Expo.

Best Known Babe Ruth Autographed Baseball Sells for $388,375

Cards from the Black Swamp find took a backseat to a pristine Babe Ruth autographed baseball–and one of his bats from the famed 1927 season in an auction held on the second night of the National Sports Collectors Convention.

National Promo, Redemption Cards Hit eBay

Free promo and redemption cards exclusive to the National are helping some show-goers and dealers turn a profit.

VIDEO: 2012 National Opens in Baltimore

Take a five-minute trip around the floor to see the opening of the 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention.

T206 Back Variation Collection on Display at NSCC; E98 Reprint Giveaway

You’ll have a chance to see some rare cards and tobacco advertising products at this year’s National. You can also pick up PSA-encapsulated reprints of four cards from the Black Swamp Find.

E98s in Black Swamp Find Auction Already Past $350,000; Visit NBC Today Show

There was no shortage of publicity over the find of E98 baseball cards in that Ohio attic. There’s no shortage of bidders either.

Black Swamp Find, Family Coming to National

You’ll get to meet some of the cards found in the Ohio attic if you can make your way to Baltimore for the National Sports Collectors Convention.

PSA: Old Baseball Card Find is “Ultimate Buried Treasure”

UPDATED WITH RAW VIDEO: The Black Swamp hit the fan Tuesday as the national media jumped all over the ‘old baseball card find’ story we brought you last week. Even NBC Nightly News thought it worthy. We see their story and hear from PSA about hundreds of E98s heading for auction after sitting in a box for perhaps more than a century.

‘Black Swamp Find’ of 1910 E98 Cards Heading to Auction

A collection of long lost and pristine E98 cards has been uncovered and consigned to a major auction.