Card Shop Victim of $40,000 Heist

A sports card shop burglary in Canada virtually wiped out the best stock of an owner who just opened 15 months ago.

TX School Kids Writing Project? Autographs

TTM autographs as part of a class project? It’s how they roll in Odessa, TX.

Giants Stadium Sale Underway

It’s been a bad fifteen months for old New York area athletic fields. Giants Stadium is the latest to have a date with the wrecking ball but first…the now traditional seat and memorabilia sale.

Abandoned Baseball Cards Cause Cops Consternation

Old baseball cards that required surgery-like removal from a foreclosed home are still creating a stir in Phoenix.

Barry’s Autograph Factory?

A friend of Barry Bonds' former girlfriend says Bonds cranked out autographed balls at a rate of $100 each when he needed quick cash.