1920 World Series Baseball an Unexpected Gift

Putting Cleveland Indians memorabilia on display in his office turned out to be great advertising for a deputy who now owns a cool ball.

Some People Will Do Anything For Free Cards

Replacing the contents of a box with junk commons and returning it to Target? Wow.

Police Arrest Suspected Car, Memorabilia Thief

A homeless man was arrested in the case of the stolen car that carried autographed goodies.

Sell Favre Rookie Cards=Go to Jail

Authorities catch up to a burglary suspect trying to peddle rookie cards of the embattled Vikings quarterback. He’s already guilty of not striking while the iron is hot.

Cleveland Cops: Two Caught in Card Caper Captured

One’s named after the plane that bombed Japan in WWII.

State Seizes Kansas Shop…for Second Time

A sports memorabilia operation is again at odds with the state of Kansas on tax issues.

Cops Say They Caught Card Crook

It was an eventful evening at the Target store in Austin, Minnesota.

Mickey Mantle Back in Lineup on 2007 Topps Derek Jeter

Someone in the art department had a little fun with Derek Jeter’s 2007 Topps baseball card. Alert collectors will spot two famous faces in the background. Now, it seems there could be more “Waldos” in the ’07 set.