Ramblings: The Week the World Changed

Long-time hobbyist Rich Klein remembers a range of emotions in the days before, during and after September 11, 2001.

Rich Klein’s Ramblings: The Craziest National of Them All

Hobby stalwart Rich Klein is back with more recollections of the old shows–and the people who were there.

DiMaggio-Monroe Kiss Ball Story Dates to Hollywood Softball League

59 years ago, Joe D and Mickey Mantle played on the same World Series championship team but it’s not their autographs that really make one soon to be auctioned baseball unique.

Younger Collectors Find Own Hobby Niche

From game used jerseys to autographs and cards, younger collectors try to balance limited funds with a desire to build their collections.

Jim Campanis’ 1988 World Series Ring Stolen

A benefit golf outing turned into a crime scene when a Series ring and watch belonging to former Dodger Jim Campanis was stolen out of his bag.

Kobe Keen on Card Collecting

Panini’s spokesman is hoping to turn kids into the collector that he once was.

LeRoy Kilps Will Be Missed

I read on a blog post by a Wisconsin collector that LeRoy Kilps, the president of the Wisconsin Sports Collectors Association, has passed away. LeRoy has been with the group in some capacity for a very long time, helping run the monthly shows at Gonzaga Hall in Milwaukee. The WSCA has held them there for close to 30 […]