Consignment Rep Sees it All

Steve Phillips covers Texas like a blanket for Huggins & Scott Auctions.

Top eBay Sellers Began as Rutgers Roomies

Leighton Sheldon and Scott Greenwald used their college eduction to turn a childhood passion into a thriving business.

Ex-SGC Rep Dwyer Opens New Online Auction House

A familiar name in the sports card business has announced the creation of an online auction company that will provide collectors and dealers another venue to buy and sell.

1961 Post Cereal High Grade Find

Mom never dreamed that box of Alpha Bits would yield such a mother lode.

T206 Collections Always a Welcome Consignment

Sometimes doing a little extra work pays off in the world of valuable vintage baseball cards.

T6 Murad College Series Cards Hit Market

100 years ago, collectors were saving cigarette coupons to send away for a gorgeous set of cards. Today, only a handful exist, but an eBay auction will expand the population…just a little.

Vintage Signed Baseball Collection Just Part of Ongoing Consignment Quest

A group of signed baseballs helps illustrate one company’s ongoing search for memorabilia to keep those bids coming.

Hobby Changes Have Happened Fast

A born again collector who is now a consignment director for a major auction house talks about what’s happened in collecting over the last 30 years.