Editor’s Blog: News and Notes from the Courts to the Cops

A delay in court proceedings involving two jersey dealers charged with fraud, a theft in Georgia, and a happy ending for some stolen stuff.

NorCal Collectors Love the History

Three collectors profiled in a newspaper feature say they love the history behind their items.

Youngster Reaches Out; Maris Family Reaches Back

A movie connects an Iowa ten-year-old with the appreciative family of a baseball icon.

Lifelong Hockey Collection…in Iowa?

It might not be a place you think about when you talk hockey hotbeds, but one collector from the Hawkeye state has a lifelong collection–and connections to the game.

Arrest in Wichita Sports Memorabilia Robbery

Wichita police have arrested a local man in connection with a sports bar burglary this summer, but a pair of expensive signed baseballs are still missing.