Kardashian-Humphries Dual Signed Ball: One of a Kind?

We fought the valiant fight, but we, too, have finally written the word “Kardashian” on Sports Collectors Daily. But you have to admit…this is just a little bit interesting.

Topps Says eTopps Was Money Losing Proposition

Topps says after ten years, it no longer made sense to continue with the eTopps brand.

Rich’s Ramblings: Special New Year’s Edition

Rich Klein’s wishes for 2012 include good vibes for the sports card show and hobby shop community.

Are You a Coollector? New Site Offers Free Listings, Organizing

Activity in the sports category is sparse at the moment, but is hoping its free options lead to an increase in buying, selling, trading and just keeping track of your stuff online.

Jason Terry NBA Finals Shoes Auction

Kids will benefit from the sale of NBA champion Jason Terry’s game-worn shoes.

Sox Auction Special Caps

The White Sox were all green on St. Patty’s day and they’re hoping to raise some green through some one-of-a-kind caps.

TwinsFest Includes Card Show, Auction, Autographs

The Minnesota Twins seem to have the right idea when it comes to their annual winter fan fest, one that shows collectors and dealers some love.

Pujols, Holliday Autograph Tickets Sold Out

The Cardinals’ annual Winter Warm-Up is this weekend, with dozens of autograph guests, but don’t count on slipping into the Albert Pujols line.

Durant Trades Autographs for Toys

Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant was more than happy to sign some pictures if local folks would help make Christmas a little brighter for local families.