News & Notes from the 2015 National

Big sales, big inventory, big crowds…all part of the 2015 National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago. Notes and more inside.

Bound for National Sports Collectors Convention? A Little Advice

Some tips for having a fun and productive time at the National Sports Collectors Convention.

Editor’s Blog: State of the Hobby as a New Year Begins

A look at what feels right–and what needs attention as a new sports collecting year begins.

Ramblings: Sometimes, the Dealer is to Blame

Rich K says sometimes it’s understandable why collectors get frustrated with show dealers.

PSA Registry Users Offered Selling Platform

Those who use the PSA Set Registry can now sell their cards directly on Collectors Corner.

On the Road or at Home, Neshek a Dedicated Collector

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch features Pat Neshek, card collecting reliever for the Cards.

Vintage Rookie Cards Still the Gold Standard

In the 1970s, you rarely heard the team. Now, vintage rookie cards drive the market. What’s the psychology behind the collection?

Mike Piazza Marlins Cards a Fixation for Dueling Collectors

A future Hall of Famer suiting up for a team for five days before being traded again? Two guys who collect Mike Piazza Marlins cards know their collections are a little unusual.

eBay Debuts Setify; New Site Aimed at Collectors and Collections

It’s not ready for sports collectors yet and the whole concept is still in beta testing, but eBay is launching something called Setify, which it says can be used to create and share collections online. It’s the latest in a string of moves this year aimed at reaching out to collectors, including the current free […]

Five Essential Tools for Autograph Collectors

Collectors who want to track down athletes and celebrities for autographs had best come prepared. We’ve got tips from a veteran collector.

Vintage Card Giveaways Help Inaugurate New St. Louis Area Show

Some collectors at this weekend’s All-American Sports Collectors Show walked away with some well-loved, but still valuable door prizes as the three-day event tried to stake its claim as a yearly event.

Gallery of Awful Autographs

Players might be able to write you a note explaining why they’re giving autographs a bad name…but you wouldn’t be able to read it.

Not Guilty Verdict Creates Mini Rush on Clemens Rookie Cards

One monkey is off the back of one of the greatest pitchers of all-time and the once quiet Roger Clemens rookie cards have been making waves.

RG3 Among Guests at TriStar Houston Show

It’s a chance to get some autographs from past and present stars and roam the aisles looking for goodies at the TriStar Houston collectors show.

National Notes: Monday

We’ve got the show hours, what one auction company is bringing to whet your appetite for fall and Panini details its wrapper redemption program.

How This Year’s NFL Rookie Cards Are Driving Sales

A strong rookie class and better odds of pulling one of their cards have resulted in solid sales of 2010 football cards.

Tebow Rookie Cards Still Move Despite Lack of PT

He has more rookie cards than minutes played so far this season, but Tim Tebow has still driven sales in his two home areas.

Big League Players Are Collectors Too

Many know they could be out of The Show at any time so they make sure to score keepsakes from their colleagues.