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War Veteran Selling Card Collection to Pay Bills


Iraqi war veteran Brad Solomon, diagnosed with blood cancer, is selling off his baseball card collection to cover living expenses.

Texas-Sized Cowboys Collection

Stoney Kersh Cowboys Collection

He’s probably mourning a tough loss to the Packers Sunday, but there are plenty of positive past memories in Stoney Kersh’s Dallas Cowboys collection.

Cornering the 1964 Topps Curt Flood Market

1964 Topps Curt Flood

Our story on the premium prices for a certain 1964 Topps card led ESPN The Magazine’s Mina Kimes to a California man who’s crazy about Curt.

Hunting Hank Greenberg

1939 Hank Greenberg Goudey Premium

A 23-year-old recent college grad is all about vintage–especially cards of a certain Hall of Famer.

Collecting the Games: SoCal Man Stores Memories in Bins

Big event collector John Roche

He’ll be at this year’s Super Bowl…and the Final Four…and the All-Star Game. John Roche goes with nothing and comes back with a bin load of stuff.

Selling on Pawn Stars

Joe Aureliio and Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison

Chicago-based collector and pizza restaurant owner Joe Aurelio packed up a piece of his collection and headed to Vegas where he was picked to appear on Pawn Stars.

2011 Bowman Sterling Football Review

2011 Bowman Sterling

Rich Klein takes a brief foray into the 2011 Bowman Sterling football mini boxes, part of the collection of six inside each master box from Topps.

Collector Finds Career He Can Finally Embrace


A sports collector in Canada turns his hobby into his business.

Editor’s Blog: 1952 Drug Store Scene, Florida Collector, 9/11 Jerseys

B&W Market with card vending machine & Topps Sign

A moment in time that’ll warm the hearts of vintage card collectors, a profile of a Florida super fan and a California woman’s unique 9/11 fundraising project.

Diamond Die-Cut Cards Get Addition Via Collector Voting

2011 Topps Diamond Die Cuts Mattingly

Topps is letting collectors vote on three new additions to the Diamond Die Cuts set.

Upper Deck Evolution in Action: Local TV Sneak Peek

Digital Football Cards Upper Deck Evolution

Upper Deck’s upcoming Evolution football cards get some electronic love from a San Diego TV station.

Ohio State Scandal a Reflection of Game Used Market


Once they were probably considered little more than stinky old jerseys and trinkets. Not anymore.

1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Gold Medal To Be Sold

1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team

One of only 20 gold medals given out to the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team is going on the block.

Lucky Strasburg Baseball Card Owner Talks

2010 Bowman Chrome Superfractor Strasburg

The Fox TV station in Washington tracks down the owner of the card causing a national media buzz.

Bobblehead Nation is Still United

Felix Hernandez bobblehead

They’re quirky, goofy and…well…often free. Bobbleheads are no beanie babies. It appears they’re here to stay.

30 Years Later, Smalling Still Publishing Autograph Book

Baseball Autograph Handbook

Jack Smalling literally wrote the book on collecting baseball autographs through the mail.

Collecting Answers, Not Autographs

Iowa collector Tom Owens writes to former players, but he’s not after autographs.

Radio host, collector dies suddenly

Geoff Sindelar

Long-time collector Geoff Sindelar, a sports talk host in Cleveland, died suddenly last week.

Collector Launching Fleer Book Project

Collector Jeff Shepherd’s goal for 2010? Publish the ultimate scrapbook about the 125-year history of the Fleer Corporation.

Hope for the Hobby: Teen Collector

Meet one sports-mad hoopster in Illinois.